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1 day ago
Ickle Goaty McGoatface

Ickle Goaty McGoatface! Grab him for only 50L$ (texture applier also available for 50L$) for Wanderlust SL


Texture changer hud is separate 🙂 Goaty McGoatface is 50L$ for Wanderlust weekend and the Texture HUD is also 50L$ for Wanderlust 🙂

1 day ago

This weekend for Wanderlust SL Jinx brings you Ickle Goaty McGoatface! Animesh companion - perhaps of special interest to fellow Capricorns ♥

Only 50L$ for Wanderlust ❤️

5 days ago

Very excited to announce that now I have all the dev kits I need to start making armour and accessories that fit both the human part and the horse part of the Jinx Centaur. This means you'll start ... See more

1 week ago

Calling all Centaurs! Have you checked out the Ancient Order of Centaurs yet? More info on the Jinx website: https://jinxsl.co.uk/the-ancient-order-of-centaurs/

1 week ago
Photos from Jinx's post

30L$ Saturday is up. If you missed the piggyback reindeer at the Drunken Elf Fest, this is your last opportunity to grab him - lots of peeps were asking so I decided to pop him in the 30L$ ... See more

1 week ago
Stay on the Path of Light

Wonderful shot by Mystic featuring the Jinx Crusader Armour Set for the Teeglepet Clydesdale https://flic.kr/p/2iciEgR ❤️

Taken at Lost Unicorn Sim Teegle Clydesdale Horse with *CINNAMON* Skin and JINX Crusader Tack

1 week ago

Saw this cool Binding Crystal from Harshlands (@Kadaj Yoshikawa) and couldn't resist buying for the Roonwit House of the Ancient Order of Centaurs. Installed some centaur animations and will make a ... See more

1 week ago
Linking Jinx Tack to Teeglepet and Texture change

How to link Jinx tack to your Teegle Pet and use texture change HUDs 🙂 ....complete with spelling mistake. (deliberate mistake of course to see if you're awake 😉 )

1 week ago

New Release for the Teegle Pet Clydesdale. The Crusader Armour Set.

Separate texture huds available.

Available in the Jinx satellite store at Teegletown Mall: ... See more

1 week ago

If you haven't yet visited the meeting space for the Ancient Order of Centaurs, please do pop along. If you've decided which House of the AOC you'd like to join you can now grab a membership board ... See more