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1 week ago
Jinx Felitaur - Jinx


Released at Fantasy Faire 2021 the Jinx Felitaur works with a large variety of male and female mesh bodies. It comes with it’s own hybrid AO – you must also use your human AO for the upper body ... See more

1 week ago
I Am Free

Beautiful Post by Hobbit Michael Zenfold featuring the new release Jinx Felitaur currently at Fantasy Faire.

Bloginfo See, whoa, c'est la vie Maybe something's wrong with me But, whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free ♫I Am Free♫

1 week ago

Fab post by Clau Dagger featuring the new Jinx Tiger Gacha and a sneaky Lion in the back there too! What a great pic!

--- Fantasy Faire 2021 :[P]:- Araleus Outfit Jinx : Tiger Gacha Poseidon - Viking 6 Credits

1 week ago
Ancient Order of Centaurs

♥ More Fantasy faire funs ♥

Riverside Market visits Fantasy Faire ♥😃

1 week ago
Meet Our Sponsors: Jinx


Julala Demina, the owner and creator of Jinx, sponsors the Faireland of The Amethyst Rift. She talks about her growing centaur community, her love for the Faire, and how that creates wonderful even…

1 week ago
Willing to face and resist

What a wonderfully dark and gentle pic from Varosh of the felitaur and Tiger Gacha, both at Fantasy Faire at the moment ♥

Forever (ft. Iiino & Asja Kadric) by Florian Bur "In an arduous and challenging world With my heart full of passion I am willing to face and resist all Because I'm forever, I'm dawn Tears and pain I ... See more

1 week ago
Faireland Transformations – Fluffy Friend

The Jinx Ickles have been a firm favourite for many over the last couple of years with special editions popping up for special events.

Well the Ickles will now be starting to transform into Ickle ... See more

Just a little goat, having a bit of fun!

1 week ago
Fantasy Fair 2021 ~ CCC – Centauria Cheer Crew #secondlife

Fantasy Fair 2021 ~ CCC – Centauria Cheer CrewFor more infos, check https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/Video Production by SL4Live-TV https://www.youtube.c...

1 week ago

What a fabulous video by Victor and Nando showing the wonderful magic that is Fantasy Faire ♥

Every year Fantasy Faire brings thousands of Second Life residents together across stunning regions of shopping, dancing, roleplay, performances & celebratio...