Easy view compare rentals

Use the table below to easily compare the Community and Outlander rentals from Jinx

Community RentalOutlander Rental
Blank ParcelNOYES
Decorated to high standard for youYESNO
Must follow covenantYESYES
Prim allowance on top of provided decorYES-
Charged per LI of parcel-YES
Bonus time on rentalYESNO
You can change the radioNOYES
Perk: Discount from Jinx10%5%
Perk: Referral commission for new renters10%NO
Perk: Opportunities for free building and business classesYESNOT LINKED TO RENTAL
Perk: Gift PacksYESYES
Can take part in the communityYESYES
Can use communal areasYESYES