Jinx has lands available for rent!

There are two types of rental available.  Community rentals and “Outlander” rentals.

The community rentals are not just parcels of blank land.  The lands are carefully landscaped to provide you with a beautiful place to live within a community of friendly folk.  Plots come with a fully landscaped residence with additional prim allowance for your own decorations.  You essentailly get more prims when you consider the ones included in the decoration and buildings provided for you.  You also get more perks.

Outlander rentals are blank parcels of land that you have more autonomy over but within the covenant.  You pay per LI of the parcel (currently LESS THAN 1L$ per LI!) – you still have access to make use of the community and beautiful communal areas but you get less perks and you must provide your own decor (which must be of a suitable standard and within theme as outlined in the covenant).

Communal areas and events provide opportunity for all renters to mix and have fun with friends.

Covenant:  Read the covenant to see how we keep the Jinx land rental lands not only a beautiful place to live but a peaceful and friendly one too.

Want to listen to the standard radio station that is played across all centauria community rentals and communal areas?

Perks: Jinx offers a number of perks to tenants of Community rentals including a discount to items in the Jinx Store plus welcome gift packs worth 1000’s of L$.  Full list here.

Available rentals: