The Ancient Order of Centaurs

Welcome to the Ancient Order of Centaurs

The AOC is a group for Centaurs in Second Life.  It is a community for centaurs.

There are currently three “houses” in the AOC: Glenstorm, Cloudbirth and Roonwit.  This is to provide opportunity for roleplay but also for when we take part in games and contests.  The AOC is not all about roleplay though RP may form some of the activities we take part in.  It is about community and spending time with fellow centaurs – taking part in events and parties, getting to know each other, helping each other where appropriate and generally being a cool group of peeps.  You can choose which House of AOC you would like to join once you’ve spent some time with the group and got to know each other a bit.

The kind of events the AOC take part in are:

Races and jumping competitions
Photo/video capture opportunities

You do not have to have a Jinx Centaur to join the AOC, although some activities may be developed with Jinx Centaurs in mind.  Centaurs from other brands are also welcome but we may not be able to provide the same resources to other brand centaurs.

Join our Discord channels in the Jinx Discord server for chat and keeping up to date with events and developments:

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