Centauria Selfie Photo Contest

Results of the Centauria Selfie Photo Contest:

1st Place:  Orion Firebrand

2nd Place: Miro

3rd Place: MaeSinnach 

Special Mentions (will also receive a 500L$ gift card from Jinx): Rayven Firebrand & Marloo & Brytestar

All other entries will receive a 100L$ gift card for Jinx.

Contest details:

All photos are displayed in the gallery on Sea of Beckoning.  There will also be prizes for the top 3 photos.  1st prize is a 1000L$ gift card for Jinx and a 500L$ gift card from Cinnamon, 2nd and 3rd prize will each receive a 500L$ gift card for Jinx and 200L$ gift card from Cinnamon.  Photos were judged according to the criteria listed below.

Photos are:

  • Of yourself and taken by you
  • PG or Moderate (no adult pics)
  • Of a resolution of 1024 longest edge
  • Uploaded to Second Life
  • Taken on one of the Centauria Regions (Centauria, Sea of Beckoning, Thessaly or Mount Pelion)
  • Showing you as some kind of demi-human (centaur, giraffataur, dragotaur, equitaur, lamia, satyr, faun, etc)
  • Submitted before 30th Septmber 2021

Photos could be:

  • Photoshopped/edited or simply a snapshot
  • Colour or black & white
  • Taken in any public area or in your own private area on the Centauria Regions

Photos were judged on:

  • Composition (how the photo is laid out, the background, the positioning of you and other things in it, the framing)
  • Attention to detail (what else is in the frame?  Are any parts of you clipping?)
  • Creativity of Pose (body and facial pose in relation to the pic)
  • Creativity of Avatar (how you’ve made yourself up for the pic)
  • Extra point given for story-telling or humour in your pic.