This covenant is for the regions adjoining the AOC main sim and which consist of rentals and trails.

The covenant is not intended to be overly limiting and is designed to ensure the continued value and enjoyment of the regions for everyone.

By using the regions you accept and agree to the covenant.

•••••••General Behaviour••••••

All the sims are MODERATE rated. Every resident and visitor of these sims must abide by the Terms of Service and Community Standards of Second Life.

We do wish each and every visitor a pleasant experience while here and so require everyone to abide by the following rules and guidelines:

  • Be kind to each other.  Be tolerant of each others’ way of living (both in SL and RL).
  • Do not enter rented residential homes without permission. You may enter residences that are available for rent (i.e. not already rented). You can see which are rented or available for rent by the rental signs.
  • No harassment or griefing/disturbing the peace (see LL community guidelines).  No hate speech, bullying or political/religious/sexual prejudice.
  • No blocking management / staff.

In case of breaching any of these rules, we reserve the right to ban you from our estate.

•••••••All Tenants••••••

The theme is fantasy/rural. All of your items must fit to the theme. If you’re not sure please ask.

Terra-forming is ONLY permitted on Outlander plots. Ban Lines are not permitted. Security tools are permitted BUT must work on a blacklist premise rather than a ban all or white-list. Terrain texturing of any kind is not permitted. Any terra-forming on Outlander plots MUST be sensitive and considerate to adjoining plots – any terraforming that imposes or encroaches on neighbouring plots will be challenged and you will be asked to fix it or it will be restructured.

Please do not have items outside of building set to bright. Limit the use of glow.

Hovering and/or rotating structures of any kind, for example signs, adboards, for sale signs or other items which are obviously immune against gravitation are prohibited outside of buildings on the ground level. You may use these items above 3200m.

Script chat noise, scanners and greeters and other self-initiative scripts, scripts using llSay at channel 0 are prohibited. Only exception: Objects only chats on channel 0 on an avatar’s interaction (for example by clicking it).

Scanners and greeters must be restricted to the tenant’s parcel only and therefore are only allowed on outlander plots – they must not affect avatars outside of this area under any circumstances.

Objects creating sounds must be restricted to residents’ own parcel area and must not create a nuisance to other residents and visitors.

Anything heavily scripted such as breedables, weapons, heavily scripted items, roaming animals and the like are not permitted to be left out when you are not there. If scripted items on your parcel are found to be affecting region performance they will be returned to you. Imagine if everyone had several scripted animals roaming on their properties and how it would affect the region performance – we would soon all be suffering massive lag that would affect everyone’s enjoyment of the region.

Do not exceed your prim allowance. Each community rental property has a designated prim allowance that is in addition to the landscaping / decorations provided for you. Outlander plots will not allow you to exceed your allowance.

Moving plot – Due to abuse in the past we will no longer move plots to those wishing to downscale. If you wish to move to a smaller/less expensive plot, please allow your current rental to expire and then move to the new plot you would like. If you are moving like for like or upscaling then we will move your rental for you from one unit to the next.

•••••••Residential Tenants••••••

The community rentals are landscaped and decorated. Please be assured, you do not have to be a centaur to rent here – we welcome all creatures (including humans) but you should be mindful of the general theme of the regions – it is assumed that if you want to rent here that you are open and happy to be among centaurs and other fantasy critters and people.

Residential rentals are intended for private residential use only. This means no clubs, stores or any other business shall be run from any of the residential parcels unless previously agreed in writing with management.

The regions are fully landscaped, and each building picked carefully to complement the theme and tone of the sim. Alternative buildings for community rentals can be arranged by negotiation with management but due to abuse of this offer in the past if you would like significant changes to your property you must have at least 2 months rent in hand. Each community rental has an additional prim allowance on top of the landscaping and decorations already provided for you to add your furniture and accessories to your home.

Outlander plots have no decoration provided – all of your decoration must comply with this covenant and be of a similar high quality/optimization to match the other buildings on the regions and MUST be in theme. The theme is fantasy/rural/medieval.

Your own items outside of the building on your property must be in-keeping with the theme of the region. If items are found outside of your building (i.e. in view of others) and not in-keeping with the theme of the region you may be asked to remove them or they may be returned. Please be mindful of your neighbours and please keep your items inside the boundaries of your property. If you are renting a community rental your “property” does not mean the entire parcel – if the landscaping includes a communal road on the edge of your property please treat that area with respect and assume it is not your “property” – those areas are for everyone to use and therefore must remain clear of personal objects and aesthetics. “Outlander” plots do mean the parcel.

The use of items that are illegitimately in Second Life: It is a common occurrence for items to be brought into Second Life illegitimately. These are often meshes ripped from video games. Whilst it is your responsibility as to what you have inside your property and the region owner is not responsible for your items if they are illegitimate – please keep any such items out of view and well inside your property. Visible items of this nature will be removed.

Management of the AOC group of regions do not wish to interfere or make judgements in neighbourly disputes. Residents are required to resolve such disputes in a mature and respectful way between themselves.

As every tenant shares a region’s technical resources with their neighbours on the same region, all tenants have a responsibility to care for the usage of these resources. Laggy scripted objects do not only affect you, they affect everyone. For example, heavily resource eating items such as temp rezzers or weather systems (causing heavy viewerside lag for neighbors). Usage of these type of devices is prohibited for this reason. Similarly, the placing of breedables and use of DFS-type farming is prohibited. Management have the right to ask you to remove excessively laggy objects. In case of extreme lag we also may return the laggy object to you without prior notice. You are allowed to have Unity Empire components on your property if you are taking part in roleplay in Centauria but again, over use of these that causes lag will be intervened.

The same responsibility applies to the traffic usage of a region. A resident may only use their share of visitors to a region which represents their share of land compared to their neighbors shares of the same region. It is not allowed to overuse the visitors capacity of a region, and thus make it unable for neighbors to enjoy their share of the region in the same way or even make it impossible for them to reach their land because the region is full. Temporary peak visitor usage is allowed (for example for gatherings limited in time), but in every case, capacities have to remain for the other residents on the same region.

If your patterns of behavior are causing distress/inconvenience to other residents and/or staff, your tenancy may be terminated.


There are specific commercial designated areas on the regions and commercial activities should be restricted to those areas unless agreed in writing by management. Commercial rentals are for light commercial use only and must be kept aesthetically in keeping with the rest of the region. This means keeping the majority of your commercial objects inside the store structure and ensuring that bright vendors/signs do not detract from the aesthetic of the sim. Commercial rentals are for fantasy themed stores only.

Outlander plots CAN be used for light commercial use as above. Community rentals MUST NOT be used for any commercial activity.


Skyboxes, building platforms, etc. may be used above 3200 metres. Items found below 3200m may be returned without notice by management.