Centauria – Home of the AOC

The Ancient Order of Centaurs has a new home.  Centauria.  A rather strange back story, which you can read about here and here has found us settled at Centauria.

A full region with 4 distinct areas, 3 of which correspond with the three houses of the AOC and the fourth being the great hall and communal entertainment and performance area, and sandbox (2 hour return).  All areas of the sim are open and available to all – there is no territory (unless it’s part of your RP sceneing, of course).

There is 7Seas Fishing at points on the three house themed areas.  At the Docks in Glenstorm, where the river meets the sea in Cloudbirth and in the waterfall corner in Roonwit.  There is archery in the Glenstorm area for target practice and multi-layer contests.  There is jousting set up for practice in the Great Hall Area.

Remember, AOC is not all about RP – Centauria is a place where you can RP, but also where people can explore, chill, hangout, take photos and generally enjoy themselves.  If you do happen across people who are clearly RPing, please be respectful and either join in IC (in character) or leave them alone in peace to do their thing.

Be kind to each other.  No griefing, trolling or general asshole behaviour.  No A&D.  No combat (or combat HUDS) that isn’t pre-arranged RP.

There are 3 full regions adjoining Centauria which you are also welcome to explore and maybe you’ll decide to stay.


Flickr Group for piccies at Centauria: https://www.flickr.com/groups/chances/