Trick or Treat 2021

Our illustrious and magical Warden and Healer Lil Cinnamon has been a busy busy thing and made a wonderful Trick or Treat for you all!

You can win some super wonderful prizes by completing the Trick or Treat!

The Trick or Treat works with the Unity Empires system that we use at the AoC.  If you haven’t got the meter and pouch you can grab them in the members halls.

To win the prizes you’ll first have to find the sweeties!  Wherever you see a pumpkin lamp like below you might find some sweeties nearby (or you…..might get a bit of a surprise instead!). None of the sweeties required for the Trick or Treat prizes are in private rented properties.  However, some of the residents might have put something out for you (which might be a Unity prize or a physical prize) – Please DO NOT enter private properties unless it is very clear that the resident of the property has placed a pumpkin lamp like the one below at their entrance.

Search for the sweeties around each pumpkin lamp – touch them to collect them in your pouch.

Once you have the sweeties needed to make the 4 BIGGER candy make your way to the cauldron near the Tavern.  You’ll find an ickle sheepee there guarding it for you 🙂

You’ll need a recipe card to help you to make the 4 BIGGER candies for making the prizes!

You can grab you own recipe card at the library.  Be aware….if you’re familiar with Unity cookers you’ll already know – you MUST put the ingredients in the cooker in EXACTLY the correct order and quantity – otherwise you’ll lose them and have to start again.  But that’s all part of the fun!