Getting Starting with Unity


First things first – you need to grab your free meter/huds.  There is a special custom set up HUD for the AOC and so you must use that to setup your meter.


You’ll find it in the member halls on Centauria.


Next think about your character in roleplay. There are a variety of species and classes you can choose. Details of the races and classes allowed at Centauria can be seen here.

Pop on your Meter, HUD and Setup HUD and choose your race(species) and your class – remembering that only certain classes are permitted to be chosen (working classes are applied for).

Choose your title (the name you wish to be known as during roleplay) and also your voice (is it feminine or masculine?)

You can remove the setup HUD now. You would use the same setup HUD to backup (save) your meter data. It is recommended to backup your meter regularly to avoid loss of data in strange circumstances. To save your data attach your setup HUD and press the “R” button on it. Choose “Save” to backup your data from the meter to the setup HUD. “Restore” will transfer the data from the setup HUD to the meter.

When you are playing you would be wearing the Unity Maxim Meter, the Unity Maxim HUD and the pouch (if you’re not wearing the HUD with integrated pouch) .


You also need the free pouch to collect ingredients and food,wine,etc. There are two versions of the pouch, both available free from the Unity store.

There is a Unity HUD (like the one you’re already wearing) that has an integrated pouch or you can wear an actual pouch.

The HUD with the integrated pouch is version 5.5p and has an extra “P” button in the centre at the top to access the pouch.

Whichever pouch you choose to use grab the full pouch package anyway as it contains storage for your pouch contents should it get too full.