RP Classes at the AOC

There are a number of classes that run regularly at the AOC according to demand.  Attending classes can be very useful in helping you get started, extend your understanding and also may attract rewards.

Level One – Beginner classes:

Intro to RP at AOC – “All you ever wanted to know about RP at AOC but were too afraid to ask” – This class is a useful place to start or even a helpful refresher.  We’ll talk about what roleplay is, how it can be done, expectations, limitations, etiquette, rules, FAQs, terminology.  What is meta-gaming?  What is God-modding?  How do I get involved?  What can I do? What should I not do?  All that Jazz and more……

Unity Meter, pouch and setup – this class will get you started with your Unity meter for the Ancient Order of Centaurs.  You’ll be talked through getting the meter and HUDs, setting them up with a class and species (race), what each part of the meters and HUDs do, how to save and restore your settings and choosing a pouch system and what it does.  This class also covers the AOC economy and the how, what, why’s of using coin in your roleplay.  You’ll be guided through getting your start up coin from the pay chest.

Unity Empires Crops & Animals – this class will show you how to grow and harvest crops, kill or harvest from animals, pick up ingredients, and how to put them together in a cooker to cook something. This class will help you to think about how you might incorporate this into your roleplay.

Unity Maxim Weapons Class – this is a beginners class in using Unity Maxim weapons.  You will have access to some free weapons to practice with and will be shown how to fight with them using practice poles.  You may also have the opportunity to spar with others.

Para Role-playing and emoting Class – this is a class that looks at how to para roleplay and emote effectively.  Para stands for “paragraph” – how we engage in written discourse during a roleplay scene synchronously in-world or in an asynchronous way in forums or Discord.

Developing your character / backstory for RP at the AOC – this class talks about how to develop your character for the roleplay at AOC.  Developing your character and creating a backstory is a very important aspect of helping you become immersed and take part in roleplay.  If you’re not sure where to start in developing your character and backstory this is the class for you.