Roleplay Rules in the AOC

General rules

  • Have fun!
  • Respect – We all have a right to be respected. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes, please be tolerant of others and respect others as you would like to be respected.  Do not bitch and bad-mouth others, the AOC or the wider Centauria Community.  Tell us if there is a problem that needs addressing.
  • Make others feel welcome. Even if you are mid roleplay, understand that others may not understand protocols or even that roleplay is even happening.  Take a moment to say “Hi” in IM and explain what is going on so they can be respectful to your roleplay.  Remember roleplay is only one part of the Centauria Community and we may have visitors, members and residents of the community who are not familiar with roleplay rules and etiquette.
  • AOC is a Moderate-rated region.  Children and minors are welcome in any of the AOC races. Both children and adults must comply with SL TOS.  Adults, please be aware of when children are present and behave accordingly.  Children please don’t overdo the child-speak and don’t use being a child to excuse bad behaviour.
  • Help others and help us.  When someone is making a mistake or is inexperienced – be kind, help them.  If you find yourself unhappy with something in the community let us know – please don’t slink away unhappy or with a grudge leaving us oblivious to there ever being an  issue.
  • No God-modding or Meta-gaming.  
  • Rented properties on the regions are private unless clearly stated otherwise.  Sometimes properties are used by the residents for roleplay and sometimes they are not – do not assume that because others have been made welcome to enter someone’s property that you are welcome to do so as well. 
  • When roleplaying we deal in the currency of Centaurian coin – NOT L$ – please do not ask others for L$ in trade for RP items/services.
  • This should go without saying but I will say it anyway.  Weapons of any kind must not be used on each other without consent.  Battles, attacks, sparring, etc. should be planned and negotiated and consented by all parties.  Wearing of a meter is not consent.  Use of weapons on a person without consent = griefing.  (Of course, mistakes happen, and if it does, apologise and don’t make a repeat of it).

Unity Meter and HUD use 

  • While taking part in formal roleplay at the AOC you must be wearing the Unity meter setup from our custom AOC HUD.  Please remove any meters/HUDs from other RP sims.
  • There are specific species that are allowed in the AOC – if you are a species outside of those you will not be permitted to take part in formal roleplay at the AOC.
  • Once you choose your species – that is your species for the roleplay here – you can not hop and change species/meters whenever you choose.  If you want to change species then you will need to write into the roleplay the death of your current character, which will be permeant.  By choosing a new species you are starting again and that means you may NOT carry forward your stats to your new species character.  You may – with written permission – use an alt to be a different species within formal roleplay but may not have both characters playing at the same time.  You may take part in informal roleplay in the wider Centauria community as you wish as any species but it must not cross into formal roleplay.  There may be scope for NPCs to be written into roleplay with players adopting those roles for the story BUT if they are NPCs that is what they are for that story – no multiple character playing in storylines please.
  • There are specific classes that are working roles and may only be applied for or by invitation only.  Giving yourself a restricted class is forbidden.
  • Changing classes to access restricted resources is forbidden.  Things are logged – you will be found out!
  • Cheating the system is really only fooling yourself because roleplay is about keep the story alive.  You cheat, you’re killing the story and the roleplay – don’t be that person.  Cheaters are generally unhappy people and usually end up leaving in a huff.  Who is the loser in that scenario?
  • The idea of roleplay is not to get to the top of anything.  Yes work your way through levels and gain experience but there is no end goal – as Alan Watts once said….life is like a piece of music – we don’t go to a concert to see one crashing finale…you’re supposed to enjoy the music as it plays.  It is the same for roleplay….it is in the playing that the joy is found…not some non-existent final destination.