Understanding Unity Stats

There are several stats associated with the Unity meter, HUDs and systems.


These are you immediate health indicators.  If any one of these reaches zero you’re either going to be dead or severely injured/ill.  For example, staying underwater (when you’re not a water dweller) for a length of time will reduce your air to zero and you will die of asphyxiation.  Another example is if you were being attacked by another player or a beast of some kind and it was injuring you, you’ll see your stamina and/or health reducing….when they get to zero…you’re dead.  If your food level gets down to zero you have starved and will die.

To increase these stats you can eat food, or use potions, or rest, etc. There are various ingredients and activities that can help you recover.  A healing shrines also will help you immediate stats recover.

Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom and Experience

these stats can be linked to quest or activities on the sim, and then leveraged against other activities, objects and processes. The best way to think of them is, they must be EARNED.

You will increase your stats by doing certain tasks and activities around the sim when you interact with things.  The idea is not a race to have the highest experience but to encourage interaction and active roleplay.  Sometimes you will be rewarded with an increase in stats when you interact with objects or maybe complete parts of a quest.  Other times your stats may be increased by a person who has the power to reward you in such a way.  This might be a reward for something you have done to benefit the community or perhaps as a reward for your continued engagement and support for others in the AOC.


There are a number of levels you can work up through and some levels will attract bonuses to weapons/spells, etc. giving you a greater power in battles and roleplay fights.  Some resources are only available to people of a certain level so working your way up the levels will give you greater access to things and places of value as well.  Leveling up is only granted by the Queen, who will look at all applications and take advice from her counsel.  You will have the opportunity to level up by gaining certain levels of experience combined with competing certain tasks.