Unity Empires elements

We’re not going to give too much away here in terms of instruction – this is not a walk-through resource.  Part of the fun of roleplay using the Unity Empires system is the figuring it out.  There are people among you who have the knowledge – seek them out and see what you can do to get that information.

What we will provide here is a brief overview of the elements and how they work together.

Taking part in the activities related to these elements will increase your experience (aka XP).  Higher experience can help to level you up 🙂  Levelling up gives you more power in several ways.


Ingredients might be crops, water, meat, etc. some of which can be used on their own (e.g. eating an egg) or they might be used to make something else by using a cooker.  Some ingredients can be used to make potions in a cauldron.  You might decide to make your own ingredients for your own recipes by purchasing the development scripts from Unity.


Food can increase your stamina, health, food and air  (although eating the wrong food can have adverse effects on those too).  You can get food by trading with other players or you can make it yourself (or in some cases you’ll need to enlist a chef to cook it for you!).

There are cookers in some of the Centauria areas that can make food if you use the correct ingredients.  You can collect the ingredients from around the regions.  Crops, vegetables and herbs can be grown and harvested, some ingredients must be found, some must be killed.  In order to use the cookers you’ll need a recipe.  Some recipes are known only to chefs and so you’ll need to find a chef to cook it for you – other recipes are well known and easy to get access to.  Once you have the recipe you’ll need to use your ingredients (in the correct amount and the correct order) to make the item of food.  If you get the ingredients, the order or the amount wrong….well….just be warned it could get messy.

One cooker might only make certain recipes and another cooker other recipes.  How do you know? well you don’t…..but the chefs do.  You’ll need to find a chef that has access to a cooker and see if you can get the information from them.  The other thing….is that cookers of certain foods are only in one area of Centauria, for example the cooker in Cloudbirth may be the only cooker that will bake a cinnybun so if you’re after a cinnybun and you’re not from House Cloudbirth – well…..you’ll need to figure out how to access that chef or cooker in Cloudbirth.  The cooker in Glenstorm might be the only cooker that cooks Flemish Stew….so if it’s Flemish stew you’re after and you’re not from House Glenstorm….you’ll need to work some magic on the Glenstorm chef or trade to get access to the cooker.

All cookers will have some basic recipes so you can always get access to basic rations if you have the ingredients.

You’ll need to establish trade deals (or check those already in place) between the Houses to access certain ingredients and resources.


Drink may affect your health stats….depending on what you’re drinking!  You can buy drink from the taverns (providing they have stock of course) with your centaurian coin.  

Tip: make sure you have plenty of small change (centaurian obols) to hand as you may not be able to use large currency and you are very unlikely to receive change.  Visit the banker to change larger currency into smaller currency)

There are vineyards somewhere in the region that will grow grapes for harvest and making into wine.  There are hops somewhere in the region that can be fermented to produce ale.

The wine press and the fermentation barrels may only be in one area and so again you may need to check trade deals to access them.


Potions, like food can have a positive (or negative) effect on your stamina, health, food and air. There are cauldrons around the region and certain cauldrons are able to make certain potions. Again, like the cookers – there are basic potion recipes that are readily available but certain potion recipes are only know by certain shaman or mages or healers.


There are animals around that can be very useful. Chickens that can give you eggs, goats and cows that might give you milk. You can also slaughter animals to get meat and hides. Use your Unity weapons to slaughter animals – but be careful….maybe those animals belong to a farmer and maybe they wont appreciate you killing their stock without a trade!