Example 2b – Baking Bread

First up we need some ingredients.  You might trade ingredients from other members, or you might grow them/find them.

In this example we’re going to get the ingredients and bake some bread.

First we need to grow some wheat.

  1.  Click the crop soil and it may tell you that it requires water to grow.
  2. Click the “P” on your HUD (or your pouch if you’re wearing one) and choose “Use”
  3. Type in “water” to the dialog box
  4. Type in “4” to the next dialog box
  5. the crops will start growing
  6. different crops/herbs/vegetables, etc have different growing times….some may take up to an hour ….it’s worth noting that others can steal your crop if you’re not there when it’s ready to harvest.
  7. Once it is ready to harvest click to collect your wheat.
  8. Find the mill and click the grinding stone for instructions
  9. Add the wheat as before using the “P” button on your HUD or your pouch if wearing.  Make sure you add the correct quantity.
  10. Once the mill stone has finished grinding your flour, click it to collect your wheat flour.
  11. Find a cooker and your recipe card.  Make sure you have all the ingredients required for the thing you want to bake.
  12. Click the cooker and then by again using ingredients from your pouch add the ingredients one by one in the correct order and the correct quantity.
  13. Once you’ve loaded all your ingredients….click the cooker and choose “cook”.
  14. Wait for the cooker to cook….if you loaded your ingredients in the correct order and quantity you’ll get the item you were hoping to bake….if not…well…there may be a mess…and you’ll have to try again….more carefully this time.

Baking food in a cooker requires not only all the right ingredients (which you’ll only know from a recipe card or recipe book) but there are also a number of steps to the process and some precision required when adding ingredients.

If you put ingredients into a cooker in the wrong order or in the wrong amount…..you’ll risk making a terrible mess and losing your ingredients.

Tip: all ingredients are lower case – look in your pouch inventory to see how they are spelled.