Oikos – Centaurian Families (Pilot)

At Centauria we like to see us all as family.  One big family.  We have large and small, young and old who come and enjoy the life at Centauria.

Some people have already formed family units of their own within the community.  Some simply adopt the role of a member of the wider family and are happy with that.  We support either and both.

Oikos is a pilot to trial more familial opportunities into the roleplay aspects of the Ancient Order of Centaurs.  It is in it’s very early stages and we hope to see if it is something that could be enjoyable more long-term and how it might be effectively managed.

Family roleplay is complex and it’s not something that we will be adopting as a given protocol – in other words, we’re not looking to match what others do elsewhere.  We’re starting from scratch and seeing how elements of family roleplay can be embraced effectively into a wider roleplay environment.  It is entirely optional to get involved so please do not feel pressured in any way to do so.

The Pelion River Play Area

We have put together a little play area on Mount Pelion.  It contains fun things for AOC kids to play with/on.  There are a variety of things for both centaurs and biped chillens.  Peeps are very welcome to visit the play are and have fun – please remember this area is designed for the younger members of our community to use but of course older members are welcome to accompany them.

Archaion Academy

Archaion Academy is the Academy of the Ancients.  A place where the young centaurs and creatures of the community may learn about the ways of the world around them.  Classes for the chillens will take place once we have some tutors in place.  Classes will be scheduled in line with the availability of the tutors and frequency will be determined by them.  Maybe you would like to consider being a tutor for Archaion Academy?  Perhaps a teacher of cooking, or nature, or history, or the arts, or perhaps someone who would like to take the chillens on field trips or read them stories.

At present there is no specific building that is used for the Academy but tutors may make use of any of the public areas on the centauria community regions to conduct classes, including the member halls.  They may also make use of un-rented properties should they wish to have a building on the ground for their class.

If you are a young member of our community we would love to hear your ideas of what you would like to see as part of the Academy, and the wider familial opportunities as part of this pilot.