The AOC economy

As part of the roleplay at the AOC there is a realm monetary system.   This allows for an economy within the roleplay without spending L$.

The currency at the AOC is as follows:

  • 1 centaurian obol is a single unit
  • 10 centaurian obol = 1 centaurian drachma
  • 10 centaurian drachma = 1 chiron

How do you get Centaurian coin?  you can earn it, trade for it or maybe you’ll find it….

Some classes/roles attract a weekly stipend of Centaurian coin.  You can sell food, drink, potions, and other items you’ve collected in your pouch to other members of the AOC either by trading or by setting up a market stall to sell your wares.

You can buy food, drink, potions, ingredients, etc. with your coin from other members of the AOC – these are pouch to pouch transactions and may not involve an actual object.  There will also be actual objects and items that you can buy with coin – these might be provided by an SL creator like Jinx (e.g. stuff for your centaurs or creatures, weapons, etc.) or they may be items that your fellow role-players have made to sell for coin – these are usually actual objects or perhaps services.

Inflation and managing the economy

One of the biggest problems seen in roleplay economies is when they become over-inflated.  This reduces the value of the coin so much that its hardly worth having it anymore.  To maintain a healthy rate of inflation in our economy we keep an eye on how much coin is in circulation.  If inflation rises too much we will introduce ways to reduce it.  This might be by offering an item of extreme value that everyone wants to buy – thus taking money out of circulation or we might write into the roleplay a natural disaster or perhaps a taxation for something.  This is always done with the best interests of keep the roleplay community alive.

Here is a video that explains a bit more about inflation in a virtual economy for those of you that are interested in that sort of thing.