Example 2: Being a wine-maker/brewer

Being a wine-maker or brewer is a bit different to just making wine or ale for yourself to drink or trade with others.

You might like to take your roleplay to the next level and become a wine-maker or brewer.  A wine-maker or brewer can create their own recipes of wine, load them up into casks and perhaps make a deal with a tavern owner to place them in the bar to sell drinks (into mugs)….or you could sell the drinks at market to other users.  When you’re a wine-maker or brewer you can have your own secret recipes and perhaps become known for your famous brews.  Sales of drinks within the roleplay can only be sold for centaurian coin.

You might also set up your own tavern or brewery on a rented property on one of the Centauria Community Regions and sell your specialty ales and wines there.  To do this you’ll need a license to trade from the Queen.  This is to encourage healthy competition and avoid both monopolies and any unhealthy competition (sabotage).  You’ll need to specify what will make your establishment different from what is already on offer at Centauria.

To become a wine-maker or brewer you’ll need to own the wine-makers kit from Unity.  This is available to purchase from the Unity store for 1500L$.