Centauria Community Lands

Be part of this friendly community and rent one of the delightfully decorated plots on one of the three regions adjoining Centauria.

The community sim rentals are not just parcels of blank land.  The lands are carefully landscaped to provide you with a beautiful place to live within a community of friendly folk.  Plots come with a fully landscaped residence with additional prim allowance for your own decorations.  Communal areas and events provide opportunity to mix and have fun with friends. Our friendly staff are here to help make your Second Life experience with us a happy one.

Covenant:  Read the covenant to see how we keep the Jinx land rental lands not only a beautiful place to live but a peaceful and friendly one too.

Perks: Jinx offers a number of perks to tenants of Jinx Land Holdings including a discount to items in the Jinx Store plus welcome gift packs worth 1000’s of L$.  Full list here.

Current available dwellings: