Example 3: Being a chef

As a chef you’ll have access to one or more of the AOC secret recipe books.  You’ll be able to either trade recipes with users so that they can make the foods or you can offer to bake something for another person – they might give you their ingredients and you will cook the product for them and then give it to them (This holds great responsibility….if you get the recipe wrong you’ll have wasted their ingredients!).  Of course eventually the recipes will likely become known and a new recipe book will be published.

If you want to take your roleplay to the next level and become a Master Chef who creates their own recipes and perhaps becomes known for their amazing baking creations….then you’ll need to own your own Cooking Oven – this is available to buy from the Unity shop for 250L$.  You will need somewhere to put your Cooking Oven – there are properties available for rent on the Centauria Community regions where you can place your cooking oven.