The House of Cloudbirth are healers.  They are known for their caring and gentle nature and are often called upon in battle to heal and give strength to the warriors. 

They are sometimes elegant and ethereal but can be dark and powerful.  There are much secrecy among the House of Cloudbirth and their recipes for potions are a well-guarded secret.  Because of this some say the Cloudbirth can’t be trusted but that assertion is often unfair and born from a jealousy of their secrets. 

Cloudbirth make wonderful families and fiercely protect their own.  They teach their children to be respectful and empathetic and give great honour to their elders among the group.  Cloudbirth are thought of generally as kind individuals.

Cloud birth are close to nature, and can often be seen rummaging through the undergrowth searching out some forgotten herb that might form one of their secret healing potions.  

Physicians, teachers, carers, family folk.

The current leader of House Cloudbirth is Emily Williams (nicademinabank)