The Houses of the AOC

The houses are not factions.  We are not at war (unless we’re in roleplay to be so).  Each house has strengths and weaknesses and whilst we may compete against each other we do not conspire against each other.  There may be a bit of banter here and there between houses but always from a place of love and respect for our fellow centaurs.

Centaurs and centaurides may be romantically involved or family with a member of another house.  The back stories of each house are for inspiration and not required to be kept to the letter (except where roleplay requires it).  You may, however, develop the back story for roleplay and take pride in your house.

You may choose which house you would like to belong to once you’ve got to know everyone a bit and feel is the best fit for your personality.  You may defect to another house but out of respect you should talk to both leaders of the houses to ask their permission and make it an amicable transfer.  Ultimately we are a single community and should respect each other’s houses as you respect your own.  If you are expelled from a house it will be brought to the High Counsel for consideration.