Example: making wine

Making something like wine or ale (or even any recipe in a cooker) requires not only all the right ingredients (which you’ll only know from a recipe card or recipe book) but there are also a number of steps to the process and some precision required when adding ingredients.

If you put ingredients into a fermentation barrel or cooker in the wrong order or in the wrong amount…..you’ll risk making a terrible mess and losing your ingredients.

Tip: all ingredients are lower case – look in your pouch inventory to see how they are spelled.

To make Wine:

  1. First you need to grow some grapes.  In order to grow some grapes you’ll need to do something first….the grape vines will tell you what this is when you click them.
  2. Grapes take a while to grow.  You may find you have to risk leaving them to grow and hope nobody steals them while you’re gone.
  3. Once the grapes have grown you’ll need to harvest them.
  4. Next you’ll need to find a wine press…if it’s in a particular House’s area of Centauria…you better check the trade deals in place, or make a trade deal….or risk sneaking in and using it while nobody is around.  If you get caught though……you’ll need to face the consequences.
  5. Once you find the wine press…you need to load your grapes into it and press them into grape juice.
  6. Next you’ll need to find a wine fermentation barrel (there are various fermentation barrels, each for a specific drink….mak sure you choose the right one).
  7. To ferment the wine you’ll need the recipe.
  8. If you have the recipe load your ingredients into the barrel and once you have loaded your ingredients click it to start the fermentation process.  This could take some time.  You may need to risk leaving the barrel to ferment and coming back when it’s done.
  9. Once fermented you can collect your wine from the fermentation barrel into your pouch.
  10. you can drink your wine….or…you can sell it by selling/trading the wine with others.