Races/Species in the AOC

The dominant race in the AOC roleplay is the Centaur but we are also welcoming to other species and recognise that to make a cohesive rp community there needs to be diversity.  Demi-humans we might consider all to be “taurs” of a sort but they might have differing strength and abilities so within the Unity System we also allow the following races to roleplay:

  • Centaur (this is traditionally human upper body, horse lower body but also includes cervitaurs, ovitaurs, bovitaurs, urvitaurs, etc.)
  • Dragotaur (dragon lower body, human upper body)
  • Canitaur (human upper body, canine lower)
  • Felitaur (human upper body, feline lower body)
  • Merfolk (celaelia, mermaids, hippocamutaurs, etc.)
  • Faun (human upper body with goat or deer legs/feet – cloven hooves)
  • Satyr (human upper body with horse legs/feet – solid hooves)
  • Reptaur (human upper body, reptile lower body e.g. Naga, Lamia, Echidna, etc.)
  • Insectaur (human upper half, insect lower half)
  • Aviantaur (half human, half bird – includes harpies)
  • Illithid (Octopus head with a human body)
  • Arachnotaur (human upper body, arachnoid lower body e.g. drider or girtablilu)
  • Minotaur (Bull or moose head and legs/feet on a human torso)
  • Huay Chivo (Goat head and legs/feet on a human torso)
  • Shape-shifter (may only shift to other species on the list when with fellows of the same race – may NOT be a beast as main form unless permission is given to do so)
  • Beast (quadruped creatures – limited spaces and limited skills – please seek permission before choosing beast)

If you are a demi-human race that isn’t listed please let us know so that we may consider adding it to the list but please be aware we will only consider adding to the list maybe once a year because the setup HUD would need to be replaced for everyone .

Size isn’t important when choosing a species.  You can be a full-size, Teeny/Tiny size, or Petite Size within the species you choose.

We don’t have race leaders in the AOC.  We have 3 Houses, Glenstorm, Cloudbirth and Roonwit, each with a leader and each House may have a variety of races within it.  Outside of formal roleplay we welcome all races to the regions, whether you are visiting or part of the community.

For formal roleplay at AOC you can only choose one species (you can’t flip and choose between species with different meters – this really monkeys with storylines and is against any roleplay etiquette).  Outside of the formal roleplay you can be whatever you choose to be on any given day.

If you wish to change species you might write in a rp storyline that kills off your current character (permanently) and you can then start again as a different species.  Starting again…means exactly that – if you start again you may NOT keep your stats from your former-now deceased character!