Beast (quadruped creatures)

The species “Beast” was included in the species list for quadruped creatures who had been valuable and active members of the community prior to the roleplay being introduced.   As such beasts will only be approved into formal roleplay if they have been a valuable member of the community for a significant length of time.

Arriving as a gryphon, or a deer or some other creature to take part in the roleplay at AOC raises the question “why?”  This is the Ancient Order of Centaurs.  It wouldn’t be that if everyone were roleplaying whatever creature they desire to be.

Beasts approved into roleplay will be limited in what they can do in the roleplay.  You can’t very well use a cooker without hands!

“Beasts” would include Gryphon, Deer, Horses, Unicorns, Bears, Lions, Tigers, etc.  If it’s quadruped and doesn’t have a human part…it’s likely to be a beast.

You can, of course, be part of our community as a beast.  Roleplay is only one aspect of the AOC.