Major Storyline Events

As well as the formal and informal roleplay that happens at the AOC on Centauria, we periodically have major storyline events, which are designed to involve the whole roleplaying community in the AOC.

These events will usually have plenty of opportunity for para roleplay and will also have more quest-like elements to them where the community will likely need to work together to reach a common goal.  There might also be battles if they form part of the storyline and there may be collectable keepsakes given to those who take part.

Notices will be sent in the in-world group to notify when a major storyline event is starting and how to get involved.  The Discord server is often a place where live IC chatter happens, the content of which is usually then transferred to the AOC Chronicle so that everyone can see what is happening.  If you have local chat to add from in-world para roleplay please do either copy paste it to the IC channel in Discord or send it in a notecard to the Queen.

There is a certain amount of the “unknown” in these events, (although the Queen usually knows far in advance what is planned) – this is to provide some authenticity to your roleplay and help you to become immersed.  If you’re not sure what’s happening – don’t panic, watch and see as things unfold and you can always ask someone in IM if you’re unsure.  Remember we have Guides at the AOC, who are always happy to help you.

We’re aware that we have a diverse community with varying levels of roleplaying experience – don’t be afraid to take part even if you’ve never done roleplay before.  We have regular classes to help you learn about the meter and HUDs we use for our roleplay and to cover various aspects of roleplay etiquette at AOC and how to get involved.  If you’re not sure – ask – we’re more than happy to help you.  If you’re coming from other roleplay communities please don’t assume everything is the same at AOC – again please do ask and attend classes to bring yourself up to speed as to how we do things here.

Tips for taking part in the major storyline:

  • Watch and listen to what is going on – in the Discord IC channel and/or on the AOC chronical.
  • Don’t introduce something new to the story because it meets your needs and desires when it doesn’t fit with the current storyline or might veer it in another direction.  Similarly, please don’t do the “hey this is great…but lets change it to something I want to do” routine.  You will be taken aside and dunked in a water pot!
  • Don’t meta Game – i.e. don’t rp something that your character wouldn’t know yet.
  • Don’t rp other people’s lives – rp what YOU are doing, not what someone else is doing – let them rp their own stuff (unless you’re collaborating on something together of course).
  • Slow down!  Don’t rush the storyline forward – it’s important to have space in the storyline interactions so that it gives others a chance to get involved…..if you move the story on too quickly; a) it stops others from taking part in the bits you’ve skipped past and, b) the event will be over way too soon.  Take your time and remember there are lots of others who might have something to contribute to this part of the story….give them the space to do so.
  • Do think about your own character and backstory and draw upon it for the roleplay storyline.  If you haven’t yet established your backstory / character – I suggest you take a little more of a back seat in terms of your character, otherwise it could be rather confusing for everyone if your character changes significantly between storylines.
  • Do draw upon the Centauria backstory and maybe even the backstories of others to help you form your own ideas about your roleplay.