The House of Roonwit are magical centaurs and centaurides who are often considered to be prophets.  They look to the stars for answers and have a spiritual connection to the powers that reach from outside of the earth to the inside of the being. 

They have been known to foretell the future and are generally considered to be wise and knowledgeable (although some might consider them a bit “woo woo” or dreamers).  They are philosophers and useful as mediators.  They are never rushed in their thoughts and can often tell between truth and falsehoods by looking to the stars and thinking things through with patience and wisdom.

Sometimes they can come across as being a little odd and not quite here, their minds are of deep in thought but Roonwit should not be underestimated.  The time they give to thinking things through give them a massive advantage when it comes to planning and foresight.  Can be introvert and seen at the back watching quietly.

Roonwit are highly thought of as loyal and obedient to their house and families.

Philosophers, peace-bringers, mages, spirit whisperers,  introverts.

The Leader of House Roonwit is Dragonwolf (IXTheDragonKingXI Resident)