A tribute to Aztek and the Canis Beach Pet Memorial Park

These are the strangest of times and many of us are perhaps experiencing more loss than ever before. Friends and family disappear from Second Life (and of course real life) and often we may not know what happened to them. Sometimes we do know and the loss is confirmed. It is a good time to think about how your Second Life friends, family and acquaintances will be kept informed….should you too…. leave us.

I didn’t know Aztek well – I didn’t know her in real life, but 10 years is a long time in Second Life – I guess in a rather fitting way, SL years are a bit like dog years. It might seems strange to some how attached we get to virtual things, virtual places and the people we meet here and the memories we make. Aztek, even in a virtual world, played an important role and therefore an important part of my Second Life experiences…..my memories.

What I do know is that Aztek Aeon spent her real life working with rescue animals and she promoted the good work of rescue charities in her Second Life. She also dedicated a region to be the Canis Beach Pet Memorial Park. Recently I took on ownership of the regions that Aztek had owned and when they arrived I spent some time carefully clearing away Aztek’s things along with the things of her friends and tenants.

I felt it was so important that the pet memorial park and the memories held there be captured in some way so that they not be forgotten.

I shall leave them here for all the friends of Aztek and of Canis Beach Pet Memorial Park.

If any friends of Aztek would like to add some words or pictures here about her please do let me have them by Notecard to Julala Demina.