Chances Market

Chances Market is a new event/market and is currently in a trial period / pilot phase.

The idea:

For a market to be of value to people it needs to have fresh product.  When stores in a market have the same items in them and don’t change people stop looking at them, stop buying from them.  When there are multiple stores in a market that don’t change their product, people stop visiting the market.  All vendors in the market suffer, the market loses it’s value to everyone.

So, Chances market is going to run a little bit like an event, in that there is regular product change.  To avoid a big rush on an “opening day” each vendor will run for 3 weeks from the date it is rented.  Therefore there may be products changing in the market on any day of the month, encouraging a regular throughput of visitors and avoiding rush days.

Products must be either new, or discounted (minimum discount 20%) and can not be the same product that has been offered for 3 previous rounds.  You have a maximum of 15 prims per round and they must stay within the boundaries of the market booth.


Allowed products:  Anything that a centaur could use.  This sim is the home of the Ancient Order of centaurs so it has to be mildly in-keeping.  So anything made for centaurs is great, i.e. accessories, skins, etc. Human clothes and accessories for the upper body and head only (hats, hair, tops, jackets, armour, etc – full ensembles allowed).  Home and garden stuff and pets are also accepted providing they could be utilised readily by a centaur.  In addition, products aimed for use with the Teegle horses and Water Horses may also be included but must be very clearly labelled.

Not allowed: Clothes intended for the human lower body/feet (unless part of a full ensemble), home & garden items that contain only human animations and are no mod, items that are irrelevant to centaurs.  Items that have been offered within the 3 previous rounds.  Items that are not new AND not discounted. Items not considered to be of a suitable quality standard or are considered poor value.  Services.

If you’re not sure, please ask.  Items that are borderline will be permitted at owners discretion.

How to take part:  Pay a rental box (located behind each booth).  You will be invited to the land group and you may rezz your items within the boundaries of the booth (max 15 LI).  Each rental runs for 3 weeks.  After three weeks have run you will be evicted from the rental and your items will be returned to you.  You may also be evicted from the land group.  You may then rent another booth and the process starts again.  During the pilot phase of Chances Market the price to take part will be just 50L$ per 3 week round.  Normal price (providing it all works well and we continue will likely be in the region of 250-300L$ per 3 week round).