Cheat sheet for the quest 2023

As there are only just over 2 weeks left of the quest and I know there are some of you that have not finished it (or maybe not even started it) becasue you found it maybe a little too difficult, this is a little cheat sheet to get you going so you can finish the quest and reep the prizes.

  1.  Always start by using the quest HUD and pressing the start here button – each of the clue buttons provides a useful clue.
  2. Zepharus stands at the top of a hill and she should speak to you when you get close to her – if she does not there is a clue buttonon the quest HUD that will repeat her words.
  3. There are 3 main clues to guide you to where the ring is hidden.  The first clue will be given to you by one of the Rabicorns in Roonwit – just touch them to see which one. (A rabicorn is a creature that is a unicorn rabbit)
  4. All of the clues have words missing.  There are 2 ways to find the missing words:
    1. Each of the goblins around Centauria has a number to give you – each number corresponds to a word in the story of Centauria and Queen Julala.  So if you count the words (or maybe use a tool within some softwares to count them for you) you will find the missing words.  Start counting AFTER the title but include subtitles.  Hypenated words count as one word.
    2. If counting words makes your brain bleed there is a second way.  One of the clues in the Quest HUD says “Asking someone of high status to give you a clue might prove advantageous but whisper in their ear to get a result” – who is someone of high status?  A God maybe?  and how do we “whisper in someone’s ear” in SL?  Perhaps an IM?  Try “Give me a clue”.
  5. Three of the goblins require something from you in order for them to give you their number.  Bob, Turd and Gizzard.
  6. If you choose the second way of finding the missing words, the recipe for the century egg can found in the healers hut – look for an open book.  You can only make a century egg using the cauldron beside the healer’s hut.
  7. There is a cooker for making the other items in one of the carvans on Cloudbirth and another in the goblin canteen inside the mountain in Glenstorm.
  8. The recipe for Stink Tart is in a cupboard in the healers hut.
  9. The gilly worm might appear in one of 3 locations – all on or near the glenstorm area of Centauria.
  10. The Stink Toad might appear in one of 3 locations – 2 in Roonwit and 1 in a field in Cloudbirth.
  11. The different areas of Centauria (Glenstorm, Cloudbirth and Roonwit) are marked at the centre landing point by flags above the arches into each area.
  12. The third clue refers to a bridge but that bridge is not in Roonwit or Cloudbirth.
  13. The box that holds the ring is invisible.  To make it appear you need to say something in local chat.  What you say is in a clue on the quest HUD.  Mmm? what on earth does that mean? What is the purpose of this?  If you are close to the box it will appear for only 10 seconds, but enough time for you to touch it!
  14. Once you find the box with the ring your quest is not over – for you’ll need a password to access the box.  The password can be obtained by finding 10 jewels around Centauria and touching them.  Each jewel will give you a letter.  Once you have all 10 letters all you have to do is solve the conundrum by re-arranging the letters to form a word.
  15. Where to find the gems?  Here are some more clues:

The ferryman lacks for payment here,
But something shiny is stashed quite near.

Up the hill or down it? I’m still on the fence.

“Knowledge is power” – Francis Bacon
Near these books is a gem for the takin’

A goblin lies sleepin’ off his flagon
Find your next hint outside his wagon.

The healers of Cloudbirth have long studied crystal healing.
But some stones’ purpose is more cryptic than convalescent.

‘Ere now, shouldn’t I be under this umbrella?

This is kinda high up, but I’m in good hands.
From here I can see where the newcomers land.

An enchanted crystal, and the rose within
Guard examples of their kin.

A highest point but hidden you find
beside a pointed rock of another kind

At her feet I lay not in a bath
but close to magical waters & a steep curved path