Designer Colab

I’d like to initiate a experimental project to bring some of the grid’s fav clothing designers into the world of Jinx fantasy creatures.

The creatures I make are able to wear clothes – but the rig is often pretty complex and not many designers have the time to learn how to rig for 2 skeletons at once or for 6 limbs!

So, I would like to invite clothing designers to a colaboration.  Would you like to see one of your outfits worn by the centaur community?

Here are some of the clothes I and other designers have made for the Jinx centaurs to give you an idea of what is possible.

What would this entail?

  1. We agree on an item of clothing suitable to be adapted and to which creatures, etc.
  2. We agree on a colaboration percentage.
  3. You provide me with a Dae file of your clothing item rigged for whichever bodies you normally rig for and a reference texture set.
  4. I will adapt and rig your item to the centaur (or felitaur, etc).
  5. We both check over and make sure we’re happy with the results.
  6. One of us (I don’t mind which) packages everything and sets for sale.  If I package I will need any HUDs/textures etc required for the item.  I recommend that the vendor be in the Jinx store (as well as your own) as this is where most centaurs go to shop!  The percentages of earnings go to each colaborator.
  7. We both promote the item through our normal marketing channels.

This is an example of a colab I did with the beautiful Janire from Belle Epoque back whenI was making clothes for horses.

Is this worth your while?

There is minimal work required by you – all of your work is mostly already done (unless you choose to package the finished item).  There are over 3000 Jinx Centaurs about the grid but it’s important to manage your expectations – sales of these niche type of items can range between 20 sales and 500 sales and often it’s the long term sales that offer the best return over the events sales (although events always give a boost).

What sort of clothing is going to work?

Well obviously some things will be easier than others and some things are just not going to work.  I may need to make some simple adjustments or it might be a major addition needed or a remake of part of the item.  I’m happy to do this work in communication with you to make sure it still fits your vision of the outfit.  I’m more interested in clothing that I would not normally make myself – let’s go through your stuff and see what we both think will work.

I do have bipedal creatures as well like the bunny legs, kitty legs, and satyr/faun legs.  I also have the Lamia/Naga and cecaelia, which might also work with your items.

Please don’t be offended if I don’t think there is currently anything in your clothing range that I feel would work at this time.


We’re all busy – and that includes me.  I will try to be as honest as possible with you as to the timeframe of the item adaptions and I will communicate with you if I think the time frame is going to change for whatever reason.

Interested?  Gimmie an IM in-world (Julala Demina) or on Discord (julala#7489) 🙂