If they are wearing their meters in “normal” mode i.e. you can see their details/stats they should be in RP (that doesn’t necessarily meant why are in a RP scene…just that they are in character)

(Sometimes people forget to put their meters into OOC mode so if you’re not sure you could ask them politely in IM)

If their meters is in OOC mode or they are not wearing a meter then it is unlikely that they are RPing (unless they forgot to activate their meter of course in which case, follow advice above).

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There are many different ways of doing this and we’re not going to be highly strict on it unless we need to. These are some suggested guidelines about how to type your roleplay in a scene at AOC.

Generally if you are speaking in a scene you can do so in first person
e.g. “I think you stole my ferret, Sir!”

If you are emoting use the /me command
e.g. me/ scratches her head and raises an eyebrow

If you are emoting prior to speaking you can put your spoken text into “”
e.g. /me shakes his head wistfully “I have not even seen your ferret, my dear”

If you need to speak out of character (OOC) then write in double brackets.
e.g. ((Did you receive the fish I just gave you?))

Category: RP at AOC

Yes you can. Species must stay the same and is not interchangeable but you can certainly change your look up, in terms of skins, accessories, clothing, hair, etc. As long as you still fit the theme, you’re good.

Category: RP at AOC