Of Fairelands and Jackalopes… So much work to do!

Persi checks on Mari’s home, swishing out crabs and more sand before going to Roonwit to check on Jack. “It is such a beautiful day,” she says to herself as she strides around Centauria, keeping a careful sense out for others energies.


Cinnamon has gone out in the early morning to the outskirts of Centauria, gathering herbs and shrooms to replenish her stock. That yearly Faire is just around the corner and bringing the Centaurian Market over there is a huge deal.

With 2 full saddlebags, and the hooves full of mud and moss, she walks back home, and as soon as she steps foot in Thessaly, an excited Zipporah almost deafens the healer with big loud caws. She squints at the sky and protects her eyes from the sun with her hand. “Is that Poe? Of course that’s Poe… only with him you get this loud, jeez…”

The black raven lands on the healer’s hand. “Hello handsome, what brings you here? Fancy some blueberries?” Cinn takes a handful of fruits from her pouch and shares them with Poe and Zipporah, who eat them happily. He points at his leg and the healer takes the small note attached to it. “Oh a note for me… Thank you, Poe”. The raven flies off and lands near the creek to get a drink. Zipporah follows him to the water, and as Cinnamon stops for a moment to read the note, the pair of birds decide to play in the water and splash each other.

“So… this ‘Michael Briarthone’ wants to see me, huh? I only wonder what does he want to talk about. I don’t trust him, not one bit. When I met him weeks ago, he seemed nice and polite, but then the other night… roaming around Jack and then running away into the darkness like that?? Huh… That only does it someone who’s up to no good. In any case, yes I’ll meet him. Poe, mind coming home with us to gather the note for Michael? I don’t have a quill on me… I’ll have to meet him at home. I am too busy with the Faire preparations…”

The bird nodded, and getting out of the water, both Poe and Zipporah followed the healer through the sky as she walked the path home.


Persi trots around Centauria gathering all sorts of ingredients, making a mental list of what might still be needed. She has gathered grapes, eggs, flour, herbs, honey, vegetables, and needs some milk. Her baskets are getting heavy as she winds her way to Mount Pelion for the milk. Sighing, she sits down for a bit near the water debating to fish now or later or should she make the wine now? Remembering that she has many new items to make for market, she continues to Mari’s home. “I will have time tomorrow for the wine and fish. Now it’s strawberries, quiche, and yogurt parfaits to start.” Persi sets her baskets down and starts the strawberry seeds. Persi picks up a broom, “Will sweep out the floating bits and crabs away from Mari’s home before I start cooking. So glad Mari has a well stocked home.” Once again a sigh escapes her lips as she thinks about her sister, longing for her to come back soon. Persi looks about satisfied that the place is in good shape and starts cooking. ‘Hmm maybe some chocolate chip cookies and seaweed wraps first…..”


Meanwhile in the Fairelands…

As the Fantasy Faire kingdom awake to the equinox, and the Mother energy of life flows through the vines and fill its magical orbs, small signs of life are also born here and there among the deep forest. Seeds and pollen from the Necturn orbs fly across the lands carried by Zephyrus, the God of Spring wind. Little flowers with pearls that sprout in the middle of the healing sparkly waters can be harvested to craft the most powerful potions. Rare and ephemeral these flowers are, as everything is in this place, as it only appears to the eyes of mortals once a year, and which must be harvested only under the Necturn moon.

Tribes of other realms can be frequently seen coming to the water pools to perform cleansing and healing rituals… everything from an ailing heart to a dark elvish spell. Some druids even swear that the darkest of the curses can be rid in these glowing waters…


Persi is gathering ingredients around Centauria before she wanders into Roonwit to check on Jack. Spotting him huddled in the center of the trap with his head bowed. “Hello Jack. I have brought you some food and drink.” Persi lifts out a large mug of ale and a platter of assorted meats, cheese, fruit and a large slab of bread with a small dish of sauce. “Here you go Jack,:” Persi places the platter thru the trap and sits down close by. Jack.

– “You brought me food?”

– “Yes Jack, we want to keep you well, and even make you better. Please eat and we can talk a bit.” Persi states with a smile. Jack takes the platter of food, sniffs around a bit then slowly starts eating. “Jack, our healer Lil Cinnamon has mentioned she visited you. We are going to help you. Now I must finish my rounds. Will visit again soon, Jack.”

Persi smiles; standing up she takes a few more fruits out of her bag and places them near Jack before she trots away. Persi decides to stop at the healer’s hut to check on some items and is happy to see Lil Cinnamon there. “Lil, I just gave Jack some food and ale. I think he’s doing a bit better, at least he’s not asking us to kill him”

Cinnamon: ” I wonder how are the Roonwits going with the stone for Jack…

Persi: “Well I haven’t talked with Dragon about the eye”

Cinnamon, ” I saw a group of people at Necturn moon yesterday, they were in the splashy waters.. they say they have magical cleansing properties. I wonder if the magic of that place breaks spells.. hmmm.”

Persi: “Oh Cinn… Maybe getting Jack to the splashy water to wash out the eye socket and then replacing the eye might work best”

Cinnamon: “That sounds… like a good possiblity!”

Persi: ” Let’s contact Dragon to see where it stands with the stone and we can go forward with that idea.”

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