A cursed stone… Can anything be done?

The sounds of destruction can be heard through out Centauira coming from Dragonwolfs cave.
“Cursed stone!” yells Dragonwolf. You can hear a boiling cauldron being smashed against the cave wall.

“Useless book!” said with frustration and anger. An entire bookshelf, filled to the cave ceiling is tossed out of the cave entrance. “This stone, it is unlike anything I have encountered!”

Dragonwolf then sits, reading through his scrolls, his many notes and idea’s jotted down through out the years. “Perhaps I need to find the source of this stone. Go to the lands of its creations and dig around. I must Find Cinn, and other Roonwits to brain storm to see what can be done. Can anything be done?” he says to himself as though expecting a response.”

Persi is in Mari’s home clearing out some snails and puffer fish that have tried to find a new home. All of a sudden Persi hears a large banging then a boom and what sounded like a dragon roar. The ground and water shook. She instinctively shrunk down and peered around the sea plants wondering if a sea monster had found its way to Centauria. “Perhaps the war is starting?” She wonders. Sensing no evil energies within the regions she cautiously starts swimming the waters to locate the disturbance she felt. Reaching land, Persi so quickly morphs her tail into a taur body and starts trotting around keeping her senses on high alert. Drawing near her Roonwit Chief’s settlement, she sees a large amount of books and pieces of wood scattered outward from the front door. Cautiously she approaches Dragon’s den looking about for smoke or flying objects. Persi calls out, “Dragon, are you there? Are you well?”. She slowly picks her way over the scattered remains of books and enters Dragon’s den.

The healer arrived to Centauria, trotting off happily and humming one of those hooman songs, after having found all those tiny treasures back in the Necturn Moon Fairelands. She was just walking into her front yard, when she heard a big roar and a smash and sounds of clutter breaking, really near her house. All those big noises made her jump. “Chiron’s sake!! What was that!!??” She gasped. Trying to make out from where all that was coming from, dropped her bag at her entrance door and walked back out to the road. As soon as she turned the corner from her place in Mount Pelion, she noticed a bunch of clutter, books, a piece of furniture and an upside down cauldron leaking by the road… right outside her neighbor DragonWolf’s home. She cautiously approached. “Is everything alright over here??…”

As the Dragonwolf continues his reading through his notes and books (or what is left of them) he hears the sound of 2 distinct taurs approaching. He quickly stands, tries to hide some of the destruction he had caused, sweeping a broken chair with his hoof behind a table. Throws a blanket over a pile of debris which at one point was mostly his favorite rune for calming. He then walked towards his cave opening, “Hello?” Then realizing it is Persiphone and Cinnamon. “Greetings Persi, and Cinn!” he yells with a mighty bellow. “Both your timings are impeccable! This cursed stone has been infuriating! Please, we must come up with a solution to it’s secrets, for Hoping Jack!”


Hey Dragon, is everything alright over here??” The healer steps in through the broken clutter. “I heard a loud sound…  Are you alright,?”

Persi looks cautiously about; seeing all types of materials spread throughout Dragon’s lair. “Juno, seems a bit upset, Dragon”.

Cinnamon looks at all the clutter. “Whoa… seems like an earthquake went through here…” She skips through the broken cauldron pieces.

“No, this cursed stone is infuriating!” Dragonwolf says.

Persi pushes a couple of items with her hoof; wonders why is there bits of food all over.

“Aahhh that stone…. still nothing?” Asks the healer. “Oh yes the stone… I’ve been researching as I can and writing bits down”. Persi adds.

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “I’ve thrown every spell and potion I have at it and still nothing!”

Persi: “Nothing you have tried has done anything??”

Cinnamon: “I think… part of the curse is “inside” Jack…. in his wound, actually. And also in the stone. I think we have to work on both sides”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “I dare not use dark magic upon it, for the consequences would be dire.”

Persi sighs heavily, but then looks at Cinn. She reaches into her pouch and takes out a small pearl; holding it in her hand she shows it to Dragon.

Cinnamon nods… and looks at Persi’s small jewel in her hand…. “Oh! I picked up one of those too!” She attempts to reach for her bag but then she realizes she doesn’t have it on her. “Shoot… I dropped it at home…”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “What is this Pearl you have?”

Persi: “I had wondered if perhaps this might help?” She hands the pearl to Dragon.

Cinnamon looks at Dragon. “That is a necturn pearl”

Persi: “Yes, from the pool where the healers were”

Cinnamon: “I don’t have them in me… but I brought back also some seeds and flowers, and water from the healing pools of Necturn Moon”.

Juno stops in her place, and stares heavily at this pearl.

Persi: “Maybe with pearls energized by the full moon, possibly it can do something with the stone…”

Cinnamon nods at Persi. “I overheard some druids saying that the waters can rid of the darkest of spells… So maybe Persi is right”

Persi: “We have water from there also, maybe to clean out Jack’s wound”

Cinnamon: “Yes, we need to try and do some ritual with these same elements on Jack’s eye socket…”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: Was the pearl made in Necturn?

Cinnamon: “The one I picked… I picked from a flower at Necturn moon, it looks just like that one”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Then, I believe this could actually work!”

Cinnamon: “Might be worth a try, Dragon…. you’ve tried everything. It wouldn’t hurt to give this one a go. Persi… I might need help with a ritual for Jack… I have a full flask of Necturn water at home.”

Persi: “We hope the seeds we brought back might be able to grow here, also”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “I have one final trick up my sleeve, but I highly recommend against it.”

Cinnamon: “Oh?”

Persi: “Does your final trick make more of a mess?” She pushes around a bottle on the floor.

Cinnamon chuckles. “Ummm …” She picks up part of a broken cauldron “…I hope not”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “It would require me to use dark magic, and may come at a great cost”.

Cinnamon: “Ooooff…”

Persi: “That might be too much of a cost.”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “So we will try the things you found from Necturn.”

Cinnamon: “Eehhhh… Not sure if I’d go that route… The last time I fiddled with dark magic it almost cost me and Jezzy’s life… PLUS I earned two weeks of goblin in my rump”

Persi: “Oh I don’t want any goblins on me…”

Cinnamon: “The Queen would probably suggest trying the Necturn magic first…”

Persi: “Perhaps what we can use is a combination of older spells”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Then we will not use dark magic.”

Cinnamon: “Yeah… I’d probably advise that”. She grins nervously

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Very good then.”

Persi: “I so totally agree, as I’d hate to see what anything might look like or even live afterwards”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “We will use the other ingredients and the pearls.”

Persi: “Older spells mixed with others might be a key as so may tend to put aside the old for new.”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Perhaps we may need to bring Jack to the water itself?”

Persi: “The pollen mixed with water; the pearl energized.”

Cinnamon: “I think it’s safer to bring the ritual to Jack. I am afraid if we take him out of that cage, we’ll have a dark fae attack upon him… or us. Plus the Fairelands are vanished now.”

Persi: “We do have the pool in Roonwit…”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Understandable.”

Persi: “If we need more water; I do wonder, Cinn, if we put some of the Necturn water into that pool, would it disappear or enlarge?”

Cinnamon: “I’ll give you some of the Necturn water from my flask… Oh… interesting thought! Maybe our waters will absorb the healing properties… but I’ll have to do some experiments.”

Persi. “We might test it on one of the scrying bowls”

Cinnamon takes out a small vial from her side pocket… “Here, Dragon… start with this… Necturn water. And yes Persi, do that please, I’ll do my experiments as well and see what happens.”

Persi: “The scrying bowl will show if it’s energized; and we can test it with someone who has a hurt of some type”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn takes the vial from Cinn, and places it on the altar

Persi: “A paste made from the pollen with the water might work to cleanse Jack’s wound.”

Cinnamon nods at Persi. “I can make the paste… but I might need your Roonwit magic for a ritual, Persi”

Persi; “Yes of course, anything you need”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn takes the vial, opens it and pours a few drops on some parchment paper, then onto some mini glass bowls. Holding the parchment to the air, letting the light shine through. “Yes! I can see some of its properties! I do think this will work!”

Cinnamon looks at the bowls glowing… “Ohhhh! that shines just like the pools at Necturn! Looks promising”

Persi: “Yes, so beautiful… the color is stunning”,

Cinnamon nods, “So pretty…”

Persi: “There is energy coming from those few drops”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Persi, can you make a ritual enchantment?”

Persi: “Yes, I will make one”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Perfect! Cinn, you can make the paste and a few other steps to add to the waters?”

Cinnamon: “Absolutely!”

Persi: “It won’t take me long to have the ritual ready”

Cinnamon: “Awesome! Sounds like we have a plan. Good job, guys! Crossing my hooves we actually got it this time”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “I will gather some containment spells and a few other objects, I feel as though when we release this evil from him, we might need some added protection.”

Persi: “Oh yes, Dragon; we’ll need extra protection. He’ll be very… well not upset but disorientated. I do believe this will work, We’ll be able to free Jack”

Cinnamon: “Yes. Me too, Persi, I feel positive! Also remember the stone is harmful to the fae kind… maybe that magic itself can be used to protect Jack from the dark fae, once he has it in him.”

Persi (persiphone.karu): “Then perhaps we would be able to create a new eye for him?”

Cinnamon: “Yes! With your ritual and the medicine from the Necturn plants”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Also, would it be a good idea to have some of Glenstorms around during the ritual? Just in case the dark fae decide to intervene?”

Cinnamon: “Ah, yes, most probably. A dark fae attack is imminent…. we angered them for sure when we took Jack from them”

Persi: “Yes …  having Glenstorm around would be most helpful.”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn; “I can probably hold them off, but to be sure I would like for us to concentrate on the ritual.”

Persi: “We should also reinforce all the energy points around”

Cinnamon nods at Persi. “I reckon it is a matter of time… Yes. I can talk to Queen Julala to call on the Glenstorms for guarding, while we focus on the ritual. Persi, besides the paste, is there anything else I should make?”

Persi: “I wonder though, the pearls… A mixture of pearl and stone to create a new eye??”

Cinnamon: “That last one, I might leave that one to Dragon.” The healer smiles at the others. “Alright. Sounds good…. Dragon, the eye, Persi, the ritual… and I make the paste. It’s all set. Let’s get to work guys!!”

Persi: “Ohh, Mille also has some ingredients!”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Oh wonderful idea!”

Cinnamon: “Oohh… We should send her a raven, maybe she can help with either the ritual or help me with the paste”

Persi: “We need to set a time to meet and have this done”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “I can use the stone, with crushed pearl powder as an outer coating to return his eye!”

Persi: “I will let you know when I have the ritual ready”

Cinnamon: “Alright… I’ll get to work on the paste as well… it should take me a couple of days”

Persi: “Ooh that sounds like a plan, Dragon”

Cinnamon: “I’ll send my raven to you both when i am ready to go”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “This is going to work my Centaurs, I believe in you all!”

Cinnamon: “Thank you again, taurs. I must leave… I dropped my bag at my door when I heard the loud noises… I need to go get it and start working”

Persi: “Very good;  I”m so glad that we are moving along and I”m sure we’ll succeed”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “The Queen will be proud of you’s!”

Cinnamon: “Great job, taurs!!! for Centauria, and for Jack!”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “For Jack!”

Persi: “Ah Dragon, do you need help picking up in here??”

Cinnamon: “…Ehr,.. um… Dragon???” She looks around. “Do you need me to bring a broom and a dust pan?” Cinnamon laughs. “And um…. we have a new smithy in town… you might use a new cauldron, just saying”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn chuckles a bit at the mess he’s made. “Yes, at some point I may need some help cleaning”

Cinnamon laughs. “I’ll come later to help. Be well, guys. I must go, and thank you again!”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Safe travels Cinn!!”

Cinnamon: “Bye Dragon, and bye Persi!” She skips over the clutter and trots off home.”


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