The Warriors Three

Far off to the east, the army of the dark fae of the unseely court enters the murk of Darkthorne swamp.

Dismounting from her armored osprey, the Dark Fae Queen of the unseely court steps to the center of the swamp and begins to chant.

“Black of scales and tongues of fire, I bid thee rise with wrath most dire. Heed my call Oh Warriors Three… Bring death and destruction, SO MOTE IT BE!”

And with these words, three mighty bolts of lightning struck the waters of the swamp. The clap of thunder echoed the land followed by the deepest, fiercest growl that has ever been heard as three massive dragons rose from the depths of the swamplands.

“For what reason do you disturb our rest, dark one?” says one dragon with a voice so deep that it penetrates the very soul of all that hears it.

“Great ones. Oh Warriors Three! I humbly come to ask assistance of your magnificence…” replies the Dark Fae Queen.

“Sssssspeak plain or risssssssk our wrath. Keep your flattery for thosssssse too weak of mind and need their egosssss ssstroked.” hissed the second dragon with his icy, snake like voice that sounded like a whisper, yet reverberates the very ground around you.

“Forgive me for I meant no insult. I come here as our ancestors have done in times immemorial to seek your might to add to our force as we march west to lay waste to the lands of Centauria for they have caused injury to one of our own and have slain another. The slight cannot go unanswered. Will you fight?”. Implores the Dark Fae Queen.

“What is it to us? Why do you trouble us with things so trivial? What they have done to you has no bearing to us. Leave this place and bother us no longer and feel honored that we allow you to keep your lives!” Responds the first dragon with his booming voice.

“Please, I beg you. I swear to you that this is merely a matter of honor and vengeance for us. If you fight with us I give my word that the entire whole of Centauria’s wealth shall be yours. We shall claim not so much as a single coin. We only seek blood and nothing more.” Pleads the Dark Fae Queen a final time.

Suddenly a voice that sounded like an avalanche 200 miles wide is heard of the third and oldest of the three. He says not but only two words.

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.”

The Dark Fae Queen simply smiles and says nothing as the three dragons take flight and head to the west without hesitation. She mounts her osprey and signals her army to continue their march westward. “TO CENTAURIA!!”

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