A plan to defeat The Warriors Three


The two centaurs Miro and Cinnamon walk from the Riverside Market to Roonwith, for a visit to Hopping Jack.

Lil Cinnamon: “Hey Jack!”

MiroAIIB: “Sup, Jackie boy”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Fair day to you both”

Lil Cinnamon: “How are you?? I hope not too bored?”

MiroAIIB: “I got something for you today”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “To what do I owe the…” Jack sniffs the air. “I smell shellfish”

MiroAIIB grins. “You just wait and see”

Lil Cinnamon giggles as she notices Jack’s nostrils flaring big. She touches the stone as she focuses and steps into the magical barrier. “Miro has cooked something for you!”

MiroAIIB holds the card box in his hands and steps inside the circle

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Is that what I think it is? Seafood Pizza!”

MiroAIIB hands Jack the box. “Open and find out”.

Lil Cinnamon smiles at Jack’s excitement

MiroAIIB smiles

Lil Cinnamon: “Well, I guess we can throw a pizza picnic and stuff….” She smiles and takes out her pizza take-out box, and places it on the ground.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Don’t let me eat alone. Join me.”

Lil Cinnamon sits down, grabs a slice of pizza and shares dinner with her friends

Hopping Jack O’Lope munches on his pizza happily while keeping his eyes peeled to the east

Lil Cinnamon munches on her pizza and observes Jack. “Nothing from the east, yet?”

MiroAIIB looks behind himself

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I sense a stirring to the east but I am not sure what it is exactly. But I am sure the unseely fae are coming”

Lil Cinnamon swallows her pizza and clears her throat…. “We believe they are on their way now. Jezzy saw an omen a few days ago, and then the scrying orb confirmed it….”

MiroAIIB: “My house is in that direction too. I probably could send Syr out once we see them”

Lil Cinnamon: “That would be a great idea, Miro… We can surely use Syr’s good eyes… we need to guard the east, and a taur at the Glenstorm war horn in case of anything”

MiroAIIB: “Yeah. We should tell everyone in the east to keep their eyes open”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I knew it. Better to kill me now and display my corpse as a sign of Centauria’s power. At least my life will finally have meaning.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Jack, I am almost done with your medicine. So no, we are not killing you. We are going to save you, we said we’ll do it and we WILL keep our promise.”

MiroAIIB sighs. “Stop with that self shame of yours. It’s pathetic.”

Lil Cinnamon: “We will be ready for war, we’ve done it twice already. We’ll be alright. Let’s enjoy our dinner for now, while we can. Persi is working hard on the spell for your eye. We almost got it. So yeah, killing you is out of the question. Now, have another slice of pizza…” Lil Cinnamon nudges the pizza box.

MiroAIIB: “Aye”

Hopping Jack O’Lope grunts and takes another slice from the box. He pops the cork on the barrel of rum that Persi gave him… “The rum’s gone.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Oh.. um, I’ll refill your barrel… Jack, I have a question for you. Do you know anything about three dragons?”

MiroAIIB raises an eyebrow.

Lil Cinnamon: “In the vision in the scrying orb, I saw a dark fae army… and 3 dragons following them”

Hopping Jack O’Lope nearly chokes on his pizza… “The warriors three? She didn’t…”

Lil Cinnamon: “I don’t know. Is that how they are called?

MiroAIIB: “So you know them?!

Lil Cinnamon: “Jezzy and I saw three dragons, one of them considerably bigger than the other two, and the dark fae army… well it was marching along, but didn’t seem too big… the dragons… now those I am worried about, a bit more”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “The warriors three are three ancient black dragons who slumber in Darkthorne Swamp. Rook mates they are and fighters. Blood thirsty fighters If the queen woke them, then it is worse than I feared.”

Lil Cinnamon: “She might have…”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Their blood lust is only out-shadowed by the lust for gold of the eldest of the three.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Gold??”

MiroAIIB can feel his heart beating faster. “Three at once?”

Lil Cinnamon nods. “Three at once”

Lil Cinnamon: “Might be a long shot but… Do you know if there’s any other weakness to them?”

MiroAIIB looks at Cinn. “Cinn!! Do we still have the stuff that we used to lure Jack here? …Sorry for being direct”, he said while looking at Jack.

Lil Cinnamon: “Oh, all of that… Yes we do. it’s back inside the mine”.

MiroAIIB: “Maybe we can use that against them. Even if it’s just as distraction”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “The eldest desires gold over anything. They say he possesses a treasure hoard that make the collected sum of fifty kings look like a mere change coin worth”

Lil Cinnamon: “That’s more or less the same I was thinking, but I don’t know how good of a negotiation with them will go down…” She tries to think.

MiroAIIB: “If even…”

Lil Cinnamon: “I mean, we have gold, but not “lots” of it…..” She rubs her chin, thinking.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “IF, and I do mean ‘if’ you have a shot at negotiation, it is with the eldest and he only speaks gold.”

MiroAIIB: “I don’t think OUR Dragon knows how to make a trap for those. Using the gold as bait”

Lil Cinnamon: “It would be worth a try to talk to the eldest one… worst case scenario, we go to battle. Would be better if we didn’t have to.”

MiroAIIB: “How large are those even?”

Lil Cinnamon: “In the meantime, the faster we do the ritual to cleanse your eye and get you out of that curse, the better. And… I don’t really know, I couldn’t quite put them to scale, in the vision. Compared to the dark fae, they seemed quite big”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Massive as they are, they have an ability to burst from three big dragons into hundreds of small dragons to wreak as much havoc and destruction at once as possible. At least so the legends say”

Lil Cinnamon: “Oh gods…”

MiroAIIB: “Oh for fucks sake”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Their strength comes from not being an easy target. Again, so the legends say.”

MiroAIIB: “Maybe if we tell EVERYONE in Centauria to give their valuables to them. like, we collect jewelry, gold, etc. from every member here, and offer it to them.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Not sure how much gold do the people have…. What we gathered before might be plenty… it’s still piled up in a corner in the first chamber of the cave. This is a whole new kind of enemy, but we have Roonwit magic.”

MiroAIIB: “And Glenstormer who can freeze hell”. Miro points at himself.

Lil Cinnamon: “That… would definitely help, Miro” Cinn wishes she had Roonwit magic herself…

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “They bare collecting it for themselves. The have no reason to leave”

Lil Cinnamon: “OH!!” Cinn snaps her fingers. “Do you think would be possible, if… we guided them to the caves…… where the gold is… and then we close the cave???…” 

“…And trap them in there?” Miro and Cinn say in unison.

Lil Cinnamon looks at Jack and Miro back and forth. “It might be easier to kill them in there if anything!” She shrugs “…it’s just an idea”

MiroAIIB: even IF they’re able to turn into a swarm of smaller dragons, in there, they don’t have enough room as when they’re outside

Lil Cinnamon: “Now that…. could be.. hmmm”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Not at full size. And you’d have to trap all three of else the others will fight to free the trapped one”

Lil Cinnamon: “Alright, let’s think for a moment… Let’s say we trap the three dragons. And then? What do we do with the dark army? Just fight them? Without the dragons, they would be easier to fight off, I think…”

MiroAIIB: “I think so. But we need some sort of guard at the cave. Otherwise, they’d surely try to bust them free”

Lil Cinnamon: “We can most definitely seal the cave with Roonwit magic”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “To be honest with you I don’t think the dark army will even think us trapping and getting rid of the three would even be possible. That alone would give them reason to doubt”

MiroAIIB: “Element of surprise, if we can pull it off”

Lil Cinnamon nods. “Do you think they would back out?”

MiroAIIB: “No, but their moral would be down pretty deep, I think”

Lil Cinnamon: “And maybe back out… And.. also we still have this stone that harms fae….. I bet you they will be scared of us using it, hehe”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “They might back down, but if the queen is angry enough, she will attack”

Lil Cinnamon: “if we go to battle, we go to battle. But she won’t defeat us, there’s no way…”

MiroAIIB: “Wait…! You think it’s possible to create a Centauria wide barrier? And once those faes are here, we can close it and trap them here. So they can’t escape at all.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Again, maybe some protective spells, but that is all on our Roonwits. I have my fire arrows, though” She chuckles “One day of the year I can get to use them”

MiroAIIB: “And me, me ice”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Fire arrows? What are those?”

MiroAIIB: “Arrows with their tips on fire”

Lil Cinnamon:”Yeah. Don’t ask me to demonstrate, LOL. I’m particularly good at setting things on fire with those” She grins.

MiroAIIB: “Even though I can use my magic on its own, I can coat my weapons in ice. Using physical weapons feels more natural to me.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “That doesn’t sound safe”

Lil Cinnamon: “Oh believe me, it’s not…” She blushes and hides her face.

MiroAIIB: “It isn’t. and she faced the, rather smelly,  consequences of something else she did.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Sssh Miro…” She widens her eyes. “Alright.. well… I guess we have a possibility now… maybe we talk to Roonwits and Glenstorms, and see how can we orchestrate the trap in the caves.

Hopping Jack O’Lope cocks his head… “Smelly consequences?”

Lil Cinnamon sighs. “Ronald…” she rolls her eyes. “A rather smelly goblin I had to carry on my back for a couple of weeks. It… was traumatizing”

MiroAIIB: “Our Queen has goblin servants”

Lil Cinnamon: “And now he loves to visit me because my food was good, so …yeah”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I see goblins come and go around here all the time”

Lil Cinnamon: “Yeah… those are the Queen’s servants. They do chores all over Centauria and at the castle”

MiroAIIB: “Cinn and I are literally fire and ice. Hence why we have such a good friendship, I think.”

Lil Cinnamon laughs

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I heard they are shrewd with money”

MiroAIIB: “Yeah, a goblin is doing our all financials”

Lil Cinnamon: “Well, they do take care of the Centaurian vault… better don’t try to steal anything from there or they’ll chop your hand off”

MiroAIIB: “A banker, if you like”

Lil Cinnamon: “Yes. That grumpy faced one”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Never steal from a goblin. Everybody knows that.”

Lil Cinnamon nods

MiroAIIB: “Hence why Jules hired one for that job”

Lil Cinnamon takes another slice of pizza.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Even I am not that brave”

Lil Cinnamon: ·”Hehehe… Nobody is.”

MiroAIIB: “But has to in times of need”

Lil Cinnamon nods. “Well… I need to go home, it’s getting dark here”

MiroAIIB: “Aye, c ya Cinn”

Lil Cinnamon: “Would you like this pizza too, Jack? It’s chicken and onion, I’ll be happy to leave it here for you”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Safe travels. Thank you for your visit and sorry for giving you such bad news”

Lil Cinnamon: “Oh um… I need to refill your barrel, I’ll be right back with a new one. And you are good, Jack. Talking to you about those dragons was actually a great help”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “It’s pizza. I’ll make short work of it.”

Lil Cinnamon nods. “I’ll be right back with your rum”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Ummmm. Maybe something not as strong?”

Lil Cinnamon: “What would you prefer?”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I barely remember the last week”

MiroAIIB: “Alcohol free? Is that what you mean?”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Ale. Straight ale”

Lil Cinnamon: “Ale. Noted… I’ll be to the tavern and back”

MiroAIIB: “btw. that pizza box is enchanted. One of our Roonwits did me the favor. Once you took the last slice, it will “refill” basically”.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Mmmmmmmmmm never ending seafood pizza”

MiroAIIB: “Say, what is your taste about music?”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Something happy and light. Dark days are coming.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Back”

MiroAIIB: “You know, I’m not very talented in writting music, but I managed to write an anthem for Glenstorm”

MiroAIIB: “Wb, Cinn”

Lil Cinnamon: “Thanks. Ale for Jack” She places the full barrel of ale next to Jack.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Thank you”

Lil Cinnamon: “You are very welcome. Now I must go home. Safe paths Miro. Stay safe, Jack”

MiroAIIB: “C ya Cinn”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Safe travels”

Lil Cinnamon waves goodbye to her friends and walks home.

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