The sundering of the dark curse

*“… And on the eve of the third full moon, cast the last of the spells listed above, placing our hands over the jar just as before, focusing on our intention, and making sure not to touch the glass. Once this is done, leave the jar to sit under the light of the full moon….” The big elven book of enchantments recited, and the healer read and reread the whole ritual over again from the top, making sure no step was missed in the making of the cleansing poultice.

That glass jar has been sitting in the windowsill for 2 and a half months now. The healer had covered and uncovered the jar with a dark cloth accordingly, as the moon moved back and forth from its phases. The now wilted but somehow shimmery necturn magical petals still had their healing energy in them, as they glowed lightly from inside the jar, working their magic under the soft kiss of the two past full moons.

The time was almost over. 11 more days, and the mixture would be done. The healer wondered if Persi and DragonWolf were finished with their own chores. Maybe she ought to pay them a visit.

The pan with fish and rice bake was still warm by the stove, so Cinnamon prepared a big bowl, then grabbed some bread from the counter, and added it to the bundle. She wrapped it all up, and taking one last look at the jar by the windowsill, walked out towards Roonwit, to bring Jack a nice warm dinner.


The Tail Of Hopping Jack: Chapter 4
*The Sundering Of The Dark Curse*

As war looms on the horizon, three centaurs have pulled together with what they hope is the final solution for lifting the curse of Hopping Jack O’Lope.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Fair day to you centaurs. Have you finally come to your senses? Are you finally coming to end my life?”

Lil Cinnamon: “…Or to help you start a new one…” she smiles.

Persi: “Jack, we are coming to set you free of your pain”

MiroAIIB wanted to greet Jack but after hearing his same self pity just makes him roll his eyes.

Hopping Jack O’Lope sighs in disbelief.

Brytestar sticks close to one of the guard stones but peeks around it.

Persi: “Jack you know from when we first constrained you here that we were seeking how to heal you. We have always desired you could decide, once you were healed, to remain within the borders of Centauria or wander as you would”.

Opaline Pearl is nervous, twitching her tail, sets her bow and watches the skies as well as the ground and trees.

Persi: “We are gathered here today Jack… to finally end your suffering”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I smell nothing on the wind, I think you are safe.” Jack turns back to the centaur known as Persi… “Only with steel can you do this”

Persi: “It has taken some time for the Mighty Dragon to forge what was needed and for the Ranger to search and seek what was desired.”

Opaline Pearl still looks around at the tree tops. “What if they can change the way the wind blows?”

Persi: “Cinn has worked hard to make sure the petals from the necturn flowers have been distilled just right, setting them out during the full moons that have passed.”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “If you fear what I think is making you nervous, I doubt anything that big can change the wind.”

Lucan stayed back warily, watching the group and listening. He glanced at his much younger friend and if she allowed, took a hand for comfort.

Persi: “You see in my hand one of the flowers we brought back with us; its beauty is still there. We have used the water we found to add to all the waters in Roonwit and it has also soaked into the ground. You might have even appreciated how we sloshed around the pools in Necturn Moon to find the ingredients. I’m sure you would have laughed at us in your way”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Do as you must, but swear to me that when this fails, you will end my life and your suffering along with it.”

Humormii whispers gently: “Children, stay alert and close to me. When it is time, give your energies earnestly but be prepared to run into the protection of the forest.”

Persi smiles sweetly. “Ah but Jack we shall NOT fail!”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “As you say”

Persi: “All those who surround us will in their own ways send out their energies to resound with ours. Their wills in combining with ours during this time will give you healing”

Lil Cinnamon walked back from her home: “Alright… I am back… I have the medicine…” She takes out a crystal flask, with a shimmery poultice inside.

Persi: “We want you to appreciate life Jack. It can be so short and eternity is so very very long”. She walks closer to Jack

Hopping Jack O’Lope stares at the flask in earnest… “And what is that for?”

Lil Cinnamon: “Here it is…. your medicine… this along with the ritual and the stone should set you free from that course, it’s made of necturn flowers and other elements, like Persi explained.” The healer looks at the ground around Jack. “I think I should clear the area around. Miro, would u pick up your pizza box?”

Brytestar runs back from the stone to stand with Humi, fiddling nervously with her hands.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I have never heard of necturn flowers”.

Una closes her eyes for a moment, focusing positive, calm energies to one needing help

Humormii reaches down to take Bryte’s hand softly.

Persi starts the ritual, slowly fading into a relaxed and somber state.

MiroAIIB closes his eyes and takes deep breaths.

Lil Cinnamon: “Necturn Moon… it is a magical but elusive realm…. it appeared to us in our time of need for a few weeks, and now it’s gone… but we were able to gather some ingredients. They are claimed to rid the darkest of the curses and illnesses”

Hopping Jack O’Lope begins having the look of fear grow in his visage as he rips off his eye patch and reveals his unhealed wound… “And what of this?”

Lil Cinnamon smiles: “You will see….”

A single tear runs down Jack’s face as disbelief engulfs him.

Brytestar takes a big deep breath and holds on to Humi’s hand, watching Persi work her magic and the glow that surrounds her.

Lil Cinnamon: “Alright… everyone… we need some to guard the ritual.. it cannot be interrupted once it has started… Those with magic, we can help Persi with the magic of the ritual and the cure.”

MiroAIIB: “Yes, ma’am”

Humormii smiles down at Bryte with calm confidence.

Thorn looks to the healer, nodding as he slips his bow from his shoulder.

Brytestar nods and perks her ears tall to listen.

Una clutches her staff, eyes darting here and there watchfully.

Humormii keeps a sharp eye on Neo as well.

MiroAIIB draws his sword and coats it with his ice.

Lil Cinnamon places a few items by Jack, getting ready for the ritual

Persi starts a low hum deep in her throat, pouring out healing energies to Jack; surrounding the area with positive charge

Hopping Jack O’Lope throws his eye patch with his hat and flintlock

Humormii: “Watch out!”

Lil Cinnamon: “Hello Dragonwolf!” She waves at him. “We were waiting for you”

Persi senses Dragon’s approach, keeping a steady flow of healing.

Opaline Pearl flinches, almost shooting Miro in the butt, but drops her bow instead! “Whewww!”

Humormii: “I definitely saw black in the trees, be ready!”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Greetings to all!”

MiroAIIB waves

Opaline Pearl hopes no one saw that

Humormii: “Hello, Dragon”

Opaline Pearl waves: “Hiya Dragon”

Persi: “Jack, talk with Cinn, she is here for you to talk”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Fare day to you, Dragon.”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Hello my friends! It has been a long time coming, I feel more time has passed than I would like to admit since I’ve seen many of you.”

Persi: “Feel the energy around you”

Lil Cinnamon: “It’s good to see you! I am glad you figured out the stone, finally!”

Humormii gently picks up the children and whispers, it is alright, give your energy, I’m moving us under the trees.

Lil Cinnamon: “Those with magic, can form a circle around Jack”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “We did indeed! Through many nights of trial and error we have figured out the curse, and using this stone and the ritual we can lift this wretchedness from our dear friend Jack”.

Lil Cinnamon: “Do you hear that, Jack? soon you will be free”

Brytestar focuses all her thoughts on good things, on happy times with her Centauria family, letting Humormii focus the energy into something they can share with Jack from the safety of the big trees.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I’ll believe it when I’m dead and free from this curse”

Lil Cinnamon: “We shall start now… Persi.. on you”

Persi: “We come before this creature called Jack, desiring to heal him and restore himself to the world. We seek the healing energies of our ancestors and our family to be with us now. Allow the power of this energy to go through you Jack; to lift you into a blissful state.” Persi sprinkles a bit of the waters of Necturn Moon upon Jack.

Lil Cinnamon steps forward and opens the flask… a sweet aroma invades the air and fills the forest of healing magic.

Hopping Jack O’Lope jerks as if the water burns a bit

Persi: Relax, “Jack. Yes relax, you are being soothed. It won’t be long now” she adds, as she watches Cinn come forward.

Lil Cinnamon: “Let’s all beware, the curse might fight back.”

Persi: “Stay strong all. Build your auras around you.”

Lil Cinnamon: “In the name of the Centaurian gods, Zephyrus and Chiron…. I anoint you Jack, with this healing poultice…” She applies some of the ointment on Jack’s eye socket.

MiroAIIB focuses so much that the floor around his hooves starts freezing.

Persi: “We call upon the energies of all beings here to go thru Jack reaching into the deepest and darkest parts of himself”

Una holds her staff forward, focusing her thoughts and energies.

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Quick! Use the stone!”

Lil Cinnamon nods at DragonWolf, as she quickly grabs the stone from his hand, and places it onto Jack’s empty eye socket.

Hopping Jack O’Lope begins to writhe in pain as he holds back screaming as an acrid smell rises from him

Suddenly, the dark purple stone in Jack’s eye starts to glow… slowly at first, then brighter and brighter… Then a dark glowing cloud emerges from the stone-eye, arising up and away from him. Hopping Jack O’Lope begins to scream in pain, as Persi holds steady and increases her energy flow.

Lil Cinnamon holds Jack’s hand tightly. “Hold on Jack! Fight! Be strong!”

Persi pushes out the healing.

Humormii holds Dixie’s hand firmly and comfortingly with the screams

Lil Cinnamon: “This was expected… This damn curse is fighting back….. Be strong Jack! We are almost there!!!

Humormii: “Don’t stop giving your energy, little one”

Lil Cinnamon pours the rest of the potion onto Jack’s eye. “Everyone!! Focus hard!!!” The healer holds Jack’s hand real hard

Una startles in fright. Refocuses.

Hopping Jack O’Lope screams out loudly in sheer pain as the spell takes hold.

The floor around Miro starts sprouting ice pikes

Brytestar presses against Humi’s leg and scrubs at her face a little bit but nods and keeps thinking of as many good and loving thoughts as she can.

As the glowing cloud gets bigger and higher, a thunder of light comes from the sky and through it onto Jack… ”Fight, Jack… fight hard!!!” Says Lil.

Persi gathers the energies around her, sends them straight toward Jack watching him convulse

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “IT HURRRRRRRRRRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Persi: “You SHALL survive, Jack!! You shall be HEALED!!”


As the power of us all flows through, the energy we give to heal Jack and rid him of this curse, magic flows through everyone, slowly picking away at the evil that is possessing him.

Persi looks up to the sky and raises her arms. ”Oh, wonders come and give us your energies!!”

At once, the dark cloud in the sky dissolves into thin air, and the thunder calms down. Jack’s glowing eye slowly starts to dim as the dark fae curse has been lifted.

Lil Cinnamon looks around… she looks at Persi, then at Dragon… then everybody else… “Did it work???”

MiroAIIB: “Did we… Did we do it?”

Persi closes her arms.

Lil Cinnamon: “Jack?” She notices Jack is calmer now, and covered in sweat.

Persi nods.. “Yes, Cinn. I think it has worked. We just need Jack to tell us what he feels.”

Lil Cinnamon kneels next to Jack and places her hand on his shoulder. “Jack…????”

Brytestar peeks out from where she hid her face against Humi’s leg…

Hopping Jack O’Lope’s breath steadies as the pain begins to subside. The glowing in Jack’s eye finally dimmed to nothing.

MiroAIIB: “Jack… say something!”.

Lil Cinnamon: “Jack?? Are you alright?? Say something!” She widens her eyes.

Savathun, Juno and Xivu Arath spend forward and little, they kneel in, giving him a sniff. then give out a hellish lod bark, “BARK!!!”

Lil Cinnamon: “He’s calming down!”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I can see…”

Lil Cinnamon: “Ohh?!? Did.. did it work??”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “…As if I had two eyes!” Jack slowly gets to his feet

MiroAIIB: “Does anybody have a mirror? Look at his eyes!”

Opaline Pearl sees his new eye and smiles.

Humormii: “Take it easy Jack, We are here.”

Lil Cinnamon points at his face “Jack, you have two eyes now!! One is purple but… but it’s an eye”

Persi watches Jack closely.

Lil Cinnamon: “Everyone!! Come close!! I think we succeeded!!

Persi: “Yes! All come closer… Jack is fine! Nothing to worry about”

Hopping Jack O’Lope reaches up to the right side of his face and cautiously feels toward his right eye “How… Did you do this???”

Una sighs heavily, just realizing she’d held her breath for some moments.

Persi: “It’s a wonderful eye, Jack”

Thorn looks to Jack, taking a cautious step forward to look more closely

Lil Cinnamon steps back so the rest can come close and say hello to our friend. She smiles at Jack…. “I told you, Centaurians are good friends”

Persi releases the last of the energies into the air.

MiroAIIB settles his magic.

Persi: “So, Jack, am I as beautiful as I was before, now that you have two eyes to see me with?”

Brytestar sneaks in next to Una and leans forward to sniff at the Jackalope… “He doesn’t sniff like fae anymore…” Una and Opaline grin.

Hopping Jack O’Lope looks down with disgust at his flintlock and takes it into his hand, then hands it to the centauride they call Cinn… “Get rid of this thing. I never want to see it again.”

Lil Cinnamon steps forward and receives the flintlock… “I’ll make sure of it”. She tucks the weapon away in her bag.

Humormii watches the skies.

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “The answer was us. All of us, including you. The energy we have, the love we share, harnessing and focusing it through the ritual, Cinn’s potion work, and the stone. Combined it was all strong enough to destroy the curse on you.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Well said, Dragon.. I think it’s safe to say the guarded circle is not needed anymore.

The glowing stones that guarded the magical barrier slowly turn off one by one and the circle marked on the floor fades away.

Humormii: “Just because it worked doesn’t mean the dragons won’t come. We still need to be vigilant”

Lil Cinnamon: “That is for sure, Humi…”

MiroAIIB nods.

Persi: “We will be happy for you to stay here Jack; you can wander as you please of course; but stay if you want.

Lil Cinnamon smiles at Bryte… “Hey pup… didn’t you bring some yummies forJack? I bet you he’ll use some extra energy”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Do I smell apples??” He turns and looks behind him.

Persi: “Yes our sentries still need to be on the lookout. Miro’s area is the most east; possibly another sentry there?”

Brytestar drags a basket full of apples over and places them next to Jack’s feet. “First harvest… growed them right here.” She leans in close and whispers “And some chocolates under them… a secret treat.”

Persi: “Ooh apples… such a lovely scent…”

Lil Cinnamon whispers to Persi…. “He loves seafood, by the way” she winks at her.

MiroAIIB: “With autumn coming… very fitting”

Persi smiles at Bryte, knowing that Jack has such a fondness for sweets.

Lil Cinnamon taps Jack gently on his shoulder… “Jack?”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “I do agree, the stone circle has worked very well for us.”

Persi places out a dish of seafood gumbo.

Humormii reaches down and scratches the pup behind the ears. “Well done, Dixie”

Hopping Jack O’Lope looks down and sees the barrel of apples and leans over to grab one, then pauses… “Does anyone mind?”

Lil Cinnamon giggles at Jack and tapps him again in the shoulder… “Ahem. AHEM!” She laughs quietly.

Thorn chuckles as he shakes his head a bit.

Persi: “Ahh a stack of pancakes! And… hmm where is the ale?”

Lil Cinnamon: “Gods! Taurs, you all are gonna make him fat…”

Una: “He sounds well on the road to recovery!” She laughs

Hopping Jack O’Lope looks over at Cinnamon “Yes?”

Lil Cinnamon clears her throat and ceremoniously speaks: “In the name of Her Majesty Queen Julala, and in her absence… I declare you are welcome to make your home in Centauria, and free to come and go in the realms as you please…” She coughs. “Emphasize the word… FREE. That’s all.” She bows lightly, laughs and steps back.

Persi: “There you go, Jack. Some of your favorite drink.”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “As long as it’s not candy, I’m okay with it.”

 Lil Cinnamon picks up all her stuff from the floor.

MiroAIIB: “Since the circle is not needed anymore, he can just come over to us, no?”

Persi: “Yes, he’s able to move freely now”

Lil Cinnamon: “Yes! We can show him where everything is. The tavern, the Great Hall, the marketplace…  And he can certainly visit us anytime. Centaurians, please make him feel at home, like we always do.” She smiles.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “There are two from my land who are also in Centauria, no?”

Lil Cinnamon: “Ah yes… that Michael Briarshtdwhatshisface… and his wife.”

Brytestar: “Briarthorne.”

MiroAIIB: “Braithwait?”

Persi laughs at Cinn’s mumbling mumbling…

Lil Cinnamon chuckles. “Thank you, pup” She laughs.

MiroAIIB: “And maybe someone can take him to their home. So he doesn’t have to sleep and live under the sky anymore, exposed to the elements and such.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Well…. he needs a place to spend the night. There’s empty huts around centauria…. I believe, you can pick one if you wish”

MiroAIIB: “I volunteer, if nobody else does.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Thank you Miro. It’s up to you now, Jack.”

NeoRaiden: “Have a great night, everyone”

MiroAIIB: “See ya, Neo.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Take care, Neo”

Una: “Go safely, Neo”

Persi: “Bye, Neo. Take care.”

Lil Cinnamon hugs Persi. “Thank you so much for the magic.. and thank you, taurs! for all of your help!!”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I need to seek out Michael and his wife. I need to mend fences with her in particular. Michael has forgiven me, but I am not so sure of his wife.”

Persi: “Thanks all for coming and helping us do this.”

Hopping Jack O’Lope bows to the centauride called Persi. “I thank you for all you have done.”

Brytestar: “We’re just happy to see you okay.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Also thank you, Dragon for having figured out the magic behind that stone.”

Persi: “I’m glad poor Jack is finally healed, as I”m sure so many thought we had given up.”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I thank all of you! I never believed such a thing was possible!

Lil Cinnamon: “Oh! one last thing, Jack… do not take the stone out, as we believe it’s magic is still there and it will keep the dark fae away as long as you have it. That is what we are “almost” certain of, so far.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Understood.”

Thorn, seeing no immediate threats, he begins to make his way to the road, sliding his bow to his back, looking back as he calls out. “Be well!”

Una smiles at the group, rejoining Thorn. “Our congratulations on succeeding in the healing ritual. We are glad we could lend our energies. It is time for us to be on our way.   See you soon.”

MiroAIIB: “See ya, you two.”

Persi shouts: “Thank you Thorn for your help!”

Brytestar: “Later, Una and Thorn!”

Persi waves goodbye to Una and shouts “Thank you, sweety!”

Lil Cinnamon: “Thank you Una and Thorn for your help!”

Una waves. Thorn smiles, waving.

Brytestar: “Now….you have mismatchy eyes like puppy!” She grins and wags her tail.

Persi yawns and thinks she needs a nap.

MiroAIIB: “Also known as heterochromia”

Persi: “I am going back to my home for a bit.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Haha! Oh! Weren’t you affected by the fae as well, Bryte??”

Brytestar: “Yeahhuh! I was!”

Lil Cinnamon attempts to repeat Miro’s word: “Heterochr… pfft!!” She blows raspberries and untwists her tongue at such a hooman term.

Persi: “Jack, my home is underwater, so if you come wandering stay up on the land please, so you don’t drown”

Lil Cinnamon: “Persi, you need to rest, after such a magical effort”

Persi: “Yes, so true”

Hopping Jack O’Lope crouches down and addresses the taurling… “Please forgive me for ever causing you distress. You may claim all my candies entitled to me for all time.”

Persi slowly makes her way back to her home over land this time.

Lil Cinnamon: “Um… I think… she ate all the ones from the candy trap… didn’t you, pup?? The day you cleaned up this area?” She laughs.

Brytestar giggles into her paws and stamps her little feet. “It’s okay, you didn’t mean it… but deal!” she sticks her little paw out to shake while shushing Cinnamon… “He doesn’t need to know that!” Bryte narrows her eyes.

Lil Cinnamon: “Oh oh!! okay!” She zips her mouth and giggles. She then whispers to the others: “I gave her a peppermint tea that day for the tummy ache.”

Savathun – Juno – Xivu Arath: “Bark! Bark!”

Lil Cinnamon: “Hey Juno!”

Savathun – Juno – Xivu Arath: “Bark Bark!!” sniffs.

Lil Cinnamon pats each head.

Savathun – Juno – Xivu Arath’s tail wiggles

Lil Cinnamon: “Alright.. the sun is coming down, I better go home.”

MiroAIIB: “Yeah, me too.”

Lil Cinnamon: “Jack, if you need us, we are around. You can call any raven from the sky, they will find us, or use Bryte as she’s our courier.”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Fare eve to you all. And thank you all once again”

Lil Cinnamon: “Have a great rest of your day, and enjoy your new freedom”

Brytestar: “You’re welcome Jack”

MiroAIIB waves goodbye before departing.

Lil Cinnamon waves bye at Miro. “Safe paths”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Take care Cinn, rest well and be good!”

Humormii: “Take care, everyone”

Lil Cinnamon waves goodbye to all and bows her head politely at Jack as she leaves.

Brytestar reaches back to gently pat Pine Nut on her back and Jack’s paw as she walks by, following the herd back home.

Lil Cinnamon pats Bryte’s head as she leaves.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Okay. I am going to spend one more day here cause all the food looks amazing”

Brytestar: “It’s worth staying for that! Teehee…”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Be well and rest up Jack. My cave is always open to you. I must depart, on to another adventure.”

Humormii: “Take care, Dragon”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “See you all around.”


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