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When you first join the AOC RP you can attend a setup class with our teacher who will give you a starting balance of coin. The starting balance is 10 centaurian obols, 5 centaurian drachma and 1 centaurian chiron. After that you could obtain centaurian coin in a number of ways:
  • There are some Obols laying around Centauria that were dropped by goblins.
  • You can now exchange xp for Obols – but take care with this – you need xp to progress up the levels – now you decide obols are more important – but just be aware that you’ll lose xp by exchanging for obols.  The xp/obol exchange is in the Centauria Treasury/bank in the bottom of the member halls.
  • You might trade something you have in your pouch for centaurian coin with another user You might obtain the “selling scripts” from Unity and set up a market stall on market day to sell some of the things you’ve acquired or made.
  • You might apply for a “working role” which attracts a weekly stipend of coin from the sim.
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There are various ingredients around the main Centauria region and anyone is welcome to harvest those ingredients. It’s good practice, especially when you first start using the Empires system to see how all the bits and pieces work.

Once you know how everything works there isn’t a massive point in continually collecting and harvesting ingredients unless you have a use for them. Others are unlikely to be wanting to purchase ingredients from you when they can go harvest them themselves.

As the roleplay develops in the AOC there will be opportunities to use ingredients and then it will be much more useful to have various ingredients in your pouch.

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There are cookers about the place. Each cooker has certain recipes that it will make. You need to know the recipes before you can cook something with your ingredients, otherwise you’re just throwing ingredients into the fire!

The recipes are also about the place….you’ll need to find them. Once you find a recipe it’s a good idea not to share it freely with others…after all….knowledge is power.

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