Cinnamon looks at Jack’s wound

Hopping Jack O’Lope nods to the healer.

Cinnamon: “Hello again, Jack… “ She greets the Jackalope and takes from her bag a bundle of food. “I have brought you a snack”

The healer sits by the trap and opens the bundle, taking out bread, cheese and some berries “How are you holding up? No signs of Sharp Claw or Dark Fae so far….”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “You’re kindness is well received”

Cinnamon: “Thank you Jack… please, eat.” She slips the food past the trap

Hopping Jack O’Lope eats his meal… “No sign of Sharp Claw. I have been keeping my eye peeled to the east, but he shouldn’t reach the Elderridge Moorlands for a few days yet.”

Cinnamon nods at Jack. “Speaking of eyes… I received a very interesting visit earlier… Michael Briarthorne. Does it ring a bell?”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “The other son of Elderridge that is here. Yes I know of the one whom I have wronged.”

Cinnamon: “Yes, exactly him…. I had a talk with him and.. well, he shared with me how he’s had such a hard life as you and him look so much alike. And… I might or might not have convinced him to keep away from harming you. But also, it seems that you convinced him otherwise as well, not even knowing you did. He wanted to know about the curse that has you captive, so I shared with him… and now he knows. He has sworn on his life he will not harm you, and he has forgiven you for what’s happened. When the time comes, we will talk to the Queen, and I am sure she will extend her help to him and his wife, to start a new life”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “He has a right to seek his justice in what way he sees fit, but I prefer to live even though I am prepared to die. For the wrong I have caused him.”

Cinnamon: “I understand you are prepared, but my hope is that it won’t be necessary… which takes me to…” She clears her throat. “Michael also shared with me that he looked under your eye patch…”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “He has. I showed him the other night.”

Cinnamon: “And that is why I also came to see you again tonight… Would you come closer and show me your wound? I need to see it for myself… Would you show me? …please, Jack?”

Hopping Jack O’Lope removes his eye patch and reveals an empty eye socket that has shown no sign of healing in the slightest.

The healer leans closer to Jack’s face and places her hand above his cheek, slowly examines the open wound, blood on it, but somehow not dripping…

Cinnamon narrows her eyes…. “It’s like… the curse resides here… So it must be true! All you might need is a new eye!”

Hopping Jack O’Lope looks at the healer as tears form over his one remaining eye… “What good will that do?”

Cinnamon: “The stone, Jack! The stone is the answer, don’t you see??? If we can find a way to use the stone to craft you a new eye….  You would be free…! I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before to look into your wound… The Good Fae told us the key was the stone!!”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “You mean the stone that has been the bane of my existence can set me free? How is such a thing possible? How can a stone stop what the unseelie Fae Queen has done to me?”

Cinnamon: “I don’t… know just yet” her face saddens “…But I have faith. I know this can be done, I trust the Good Fae. Trust in me Jack, we will not rest until it’s done. I already sent word to the Queen and DragonWolf about this. It’s new information to us. Sure it should lead us somewhere…”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “If you free me from the curse, I shall be forever indebted to you.” Jack wipes his tear stained face then replaces his eye patch onto his head.

Cinnamon smiles at Jack “It’s not all me… I don’t have much more magic in me that you do… But all the hard work from our Centaurians… Glenstormers, Cloudbirths and especially Roonwits… The end to all of this nightmare is near, Jack… you will be free. I promise you this. I need to go… Please hang in there…”

Hopping Jack O’Lope nods to the healer in response

Cinnamon: “I see you soon. With better news next time, I hope.”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I shall await your return. Thank you again for the meal and company.”

“You are welcome, Jack.” Cinn stands up and trots away.

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