Riverside Market at the Fairelands

Riverside Market at Necturn Moon.

Today it was a great Market day at the Necturn Moon Fairelands. All the taurs put great effort in bringing the best of the best from their kitchens and gardens. Miro’s pizza, the ripest and sweetest fruit from Mille, and all the good cheeses and sweets from Persi. Not forgetting about the fortune teller Jezzy. It was such a great and fun day.


After all traders, voyagers and regular customers left the Necturn gardens, Cinn cleared up her stall and when done, she flopped on the ground next to Brytestar and Safic. “So much good food and sweets… We should bring some back to Centauria and share with Jack. And speaking of sweets, maybe we ought to clean up all that candy from the trap back in Roonwit… I bet poor Hopping Jack is sick and tired of it.” So Cinn and Bryte agreed to help later with it and bring her cart, to shovel out all the stuff and carry it away.

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