Necturn Moon treasures for Jack

Persi and Mille wander thru Necturn Moon delighting in the beauty surrounding them. The quietness after a long day visiting so many shops, meeting new friends, and exploring the Fairelands. Persi’s backpack was full and her legs were tired.

“Persi have you visited the splashy pool yet? I heard that there were folks visiting who were doing some healing rituals there and gathering items. We should visit and see what we might gather,” Mille said with an expectant look on her face.

Quickly contemplating the wonderful soothing feeling of the water, Persi realized it had been days since she had been immersed in water. Smiling she said: “Come Mille, let’s find the pool and see what wonders we can find.” They shortly found the pool and waded into the cooling waters.

“Oh this is wonderful”, Persi yelped gleefully as she splashed and leaped in the water. Laughing and splashing with Mille, they both explored the pool, poking all the plants and flowers to gather what they might find. Mille and Persi were able to find several items that possibly might help Dragon and Roonwit to help Jack. “Oh, the pearl could be vitalized under the full moon and clarified by the water,” Persi thought. “Mille, we’ll have to see how Dragon might use these items as I wonder what the pollen and flower might do.” Feeling revitalized themselves, they headed back to Centauria happy at heart and more determined to help Jack and end his pain.


Mille is tired but exhilerated by her experience at market. As she gathers up her wares and heads home, she thinks ahead to her next task, a visit to the jackalope in Roonwit. She quickly stores her goods then collects a few items to take to the poor creature who is captive within the Roonwit Stones and trots down the road.

Nearing the clearing, she feels and hears the hum of energy that holds Jack within the standing stones. As she approaches, seeing the dark form of the jackalope huddled beside the pile of gems and sweets, her heart goes out to him. He rises as she reaches the edge of his prison, peering from his one glowing eye. Mille slows and bows slightly and waits, and finally Jack nods in response.

“Greetings Jack, I hope you are well… I have brought you some bread and honey, some cheese and a flask of good mead.” Jack says nothing, but Mille can feel his interest in what she has brought. Closing her eyes and concentrating, she steps through the shimmering veil of energy and places the items on the ground, and sits beside them.

Pulling out her kalimba, she plucks the reeds and music rises through the glowing energy fields towards the star lit sky. Jack slowly relaxes and sits, and Mille watches his breathing grow slow and calm and his eye close as the music works its own magic. Soon she rises and stands, nodding to Jack and bidding him a good night.

Heading back into the night, she turns and watches, making sure Jack has accepted her gifts, and smiles when she sees him tip the flask to his mouth. Her task accomplished, she trots back to her vardo, and falls asleep before her head reaches the pillow.


Cinn finally completed her walk all around the Fairelands, coming back to the point she started. Coming right out from Broceliande, her hooves were sore. Cobblestone roads are a tad harsh on hooves, you see, so she was grateful to walk on grass and dirt again at Necturn Moon. She remembered the group of creatures hanging out by the sparkly pools, and how they were doing those small healing rituals. One or two of them, she saw taking some of the water in their canteens, and tied them to their hips. “Maybe I should do the same, I might take some samples of the water and orbs, and study its properties closer…”

The healer stepped in the water pool, and while the refreshing water was feeling good in her hooves, she took a small flask out of her bag (habit of a potion-maker to carry empty flasks everywhere) and filled it up with water. Also she looked at some of the floating flowers, and lightly touching one of them, a tiny purple pearl looking seed fell off from inside of it. Cinn picked it up and looked at it closely. “Huh… so very interesting. I wonder if… maybe we can grow some of these at home?” Going slowly through the pool, she carefully picked up a flower, and then brushed some pollen from another one into a handkerchief. By the time she picked up all the samples she wanted, her hooves were feeling so much better she didn’t even notice. And trotted off back to Centauria.

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