Michael and Iris Briarthorne confront Jack

Michael and Iris Briarthorne

Michael and Iris Briarthorne approach the magical trap that now holds Hopping Jack.

Michael Briarthorne: Fast as fast can be… HA!

Hopping Jack O’Lope: Do I know you?

Michael Briarthorne: Me? I can’t imagine you do, but I know you! However, I am Michael. Remember the name for it will be with you in the end.

Hopping Jack O’Lope stares at the jackalope couple closely noticing the fierce hate in Michael’s eyes then says: “Have I wronged you? I have never before robbed a jackalope, but you look upon me with much venom in your eyes.”

Michael Briarthorne: “Have you wronged me…” He looks at his wife than back at jack with a look of hate and anger. “Have you wronged me, you say? YOU RUINED MY LIFE! EVER SINCE ELDERRIDGE I HAVE BEEN ACCUSED OF BEING YOU!!!” Looks back at his wife again. “Has he wronged me, he has the nerve to ask. Can you believe this?”

Iris Briarthorne, after following her mate… her husband Michael in hearing Jack had been caught, after dealing with so much over the years in the shadows of this crazy jackalope, she nods her head to him, then look back as her icey blue hues narrow upon the the trapped one….“Yes, my love, he has” Said she to him in reply.”Because of him, we have been chased out wherever we go and had been”

Michael Briarthorne fixed a narrow gaze on Hopping Jack… “Be glad that I cannot approach you while you are trapped in your cage. But you won’t be in there forever. When you get out, I am coming for you. You have a date with my steel. You will pay with your life for destroying ours. You will pay, Jack. You will pay.”

Hopping Jack O’Lope lowers his gaze to the floor as the weight of Michael’s words fall upon him… “I am sorry. I truly am. When you come for justice, I swear that i will not run from you. I have made the lives of yourself and your mate hard and will atone in whatever way you see fit.”

 Michael taps at the invisible field holding Jack then sheathes his sword, “Soon, Jack. I promise you that.”

Michael Briarthorne: Somebody’s coming. Hop off!

Lil Cinnamon: Who’s that!!!

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