Catching Hopping Jack

Persi attends to Mari’s mer home when a voice resounds in her head. Whistling for the gulls, she swiftly fills a sea orb with her message. Rising from the waters, she extends her arm searching for the nearest gull. Tek sweeps down to pluck the sea orb out of Persi’s hand. “Tek, please deliver to my lord DragonWolf. Place it gently in his hand, don’t drop it.” Persi flips a treat in the air which Tek catches as he stretches his wings and flies. Giving a swift glance about one last time at Mari’s home, Pesi starts swimming to Roonwit.


Catching Hopping Jack


Zipporah, the white raven, remains very still, hidden among the top of the trees near Roonwit. Quietly spotting Jack and his jailer Sharp Claw in the distance, as they approach Centauria… towards the offering that has been set for them…

Zipporah comes back to Cinn and whispers in her ear…

Mille waits patiently

Cinnamon pats Zipporah, whispers.. “good job, Zip” and waits.

Brytestar fiddles with her paws, nervously swaying.

Cinnamon mouths to Dragon… “Jack is here…!”

Mille holds her breath

DragonWolf of Voidthorn:”I can hear his approach”

Mille spots a shadowy figure across the stones

Cinnamon gasps as she sees Jack walking in

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Are you here to present the offering?”

Rayven Firebrand: “We are”

Cinnamon: “Greetings, Jack”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Welcome, Jack”

Persi peers to her left to see Jack

Rayven Firebrand: “We represent the Queen of these lands”

Cinnamon clears her throat. “Hopping Jack, please accept these offering that us Centaurians have gathered for you… in exchange of peace and safety for our people”

Brytestar watches the Jackolope nervously and stays close to Lil. “We worked really hard on it… all of us, together.”

Cinnamon: “We wish no harm to you, so we ask you, do not harm any of our fellow community members. Please take what we have gathered.” She nods at Bryte and holds her hand.

Persi: “So much delicious chocolates…”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “They all worked very hard with great determination to collect this bountiful collection for you”

Sharp Claw caws with approval as Jack approaches the offering.

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Cast away!”

Hopping Jack O’Lope reaches out as Sharp Claw fiercely takes flight the moment the trap is sprung… As he passes through the barrier a flash happens around him. He pauses in mid air as he gets free of the trap, then darts away to the east… Sharp Claw looks obviously disorientated.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “…Sharp Claw!!!”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “We cast upon thee our powers of the moon light, to hold you in place for this one quick night”

Mille: “We cast upon thee our powers of the moon light, to hold you in place for this one quick night!”

Cinnamon watches Sharp Claw flee through the magic trap and quickly gestures to Zipporah to follow him. “We cast upon thee our powers of the moon light, to hold you in place for this one quick night!” Zipporah takes off in flight.

Persi: “We cast upon thee our powers of the moon light, to hold you in place for this one quick night”

Brytestar: “We cast upon thee our powers of the moon light, to hold you in place for this one quick night!”

Mille feels the hairs on her back rise as she watches the stones spring to life as she chants: “We cast upon thee our powers of the moon light, to hold you in place for this one quick night…”

Persi: “We cast upon thee our powers of the moon light, to hold you in place for this one quick night…”

Shivers travel through Cinnamon’s hands towards the trap… “We cast upon thee our powers of the moon light, to hold you in place for this one quick night”

Rayven Firebrand: Poe! Pursue the crow!

Mille follows Lil’s lead and pulses energy through her hands

Persi: “We cast upon thee our powers of the moon light, to hold you in place for this one quick night!”

Mille: “We cast upon thee our powers of the moon light, to hold you in place for this one quick night”

Persi pours out energy through her staff towards Jack. “We cast upon thee our powers of the moon light, to hold you in place for this one quick night”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “You know not what you’ve done, Sharp Claw will bring the dark fae here to retrieve me.”

“We do in fact, know, Jack…” Cinnamon comes closer to the invisible barrier.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “NONE WILL BE SAFE!”

Cinnamon: “Jack! Listen to us! We mean no harm to you…

Mille feels a stab of pity for the cowed jackalope.

Cinnamon: You don’t know this, but our Queen, the Queen Julala is in fact descendant of the Fae. With their knowledge, we believe we can help you. We are not your enemies… We only want to help you out.

Mille nods in agreement. 

Persi: “Trust us, Jack…”

Cinnamon: “The Queen knows you are under a curse, and she believes that our great Roonwit mages and druids can at least help figure out how to break up the spell…!”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “They will come for me, they will. They will never let me go. KILL ME! Free me from my bonds. PLEASE!!”

Cinnamon: “That is, in fact, what we are trying to do… release you from that curse. Trust us, Jack, please!”

Mille watches the jackalope closely to see what he does…

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I tried. Over and over I tried. Since they took me eye I have been like this. I don’t want to be like this. Death is my only salvation”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “You must realize Jack, Centauria is much more than the sum of its inhabitants, it is more than just a place to live. It is a land rich with diversity, filled with love, we are all friends, family. We all would do as much as we can to help any creature who needs it.”

Mille (millebliss): “You are as deserving of help as anyone, we can help you”.

Cinnamon looks at Mille and Persi… and Dragon “See them?? They are talented Roonwit druids… and they are kind…. I am sure if you accept their help…”

Persi: “Allow us to be with you.”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Our hearts are strong, our fighters brave, our healers love, and our magic powerful!”

Cinnamon nods at Dragon.

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “It is what drew me here. I believe that you here can kill me and end all of this. You have the power. Please I beg of you…”

Mille watches the circle fill with powerful magic.

Persi: “We desire to heal, not to kill.”

Cinnamon: “Jack? The Queen has one only clue to all of this… As do I. Please help us understand… Does “The stone” sound familiar to you? The fae…. the good fae, shared with us that one clue. “To seek for the stone”.”

Mille: “The stone…”

Cinnamon: “The stone that started everything…”

Hopping Jack O’Lope retrieves a polished purple stone with an iridescent glow… “This damned stone is what began all this!”

Mille gasps.

Cinnamon: “The good fae said that that very stone is poison to not only the Dark fae, but to all of them! When you retrieved the stone out of the pool, you did them a favor. Ungratefully, they chose to curse you in exchange, for their convenience. But truth be told. They cannot touch you. As long as you have that stone with you, the Dark fae cannot harm you, Jack…”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “Is it poison to the fae? I was cursed for HELPING THE FAE!!!”

Cinnamon points at Persi, Mille and Dragon…. “See these talented centaurs and centaurides?? I am sure they would be able to find a way to use that stone to break the curse”

Hopping Jack O’Lope begins to fume and seethe with anger.

Cinnamon sighs.

Persi: “Jack, allow us to help rid you of the curse; that stone… is a stone that is weighing you down. Cast it out.”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “I will not rest until the curse has been broken. I will travel to the end of time to do so.”

Mille holds gaze with the jackalope… “We will help you… but we need the stone to do so”

Cinnamon: “Trust us… please”

Persi: “Wouldn’t it be nice Jack, for you to be able to roam around Centauria or anywhere and meet your friends?”

Cinnamon: “You could set a home here if you wish”

Mille: “You know us, you have watched us… you know you can trust us Jack!”

Cinnamon holds her hand out…

Persi: There are many species here on Centauria, so you would be welcome here all the time.

Mille: “Indeed, you would find a welcome here, Jack”

Cinnamon nods at Persi.

Persi: “Please. Give Lil the stone Jack;  be free.”

Hopping Jack O’Lope tosses the stone to the centauride with dark curly hair… “Keep the damn thing. Use it to destroy the dark fae, but kill me and end my curse, please!”

Cinnamon watches the stone skitter across the floor past the barrier, and picks it up.

Persi: “We don’t have to kill you Jack…”

Mille: “We can end the curse”

Cinnamon examines the stone briefly, then hands it to DragonWolf.

Persi: “Besides Jack, who would help us eat all these sweets and play with the gems?”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn takes the stone from Lil, holds it close to his eyes, examines it.

Cinnamon smiles at Persi

Hopping Jack O’Lope whimpers… “Pleeeeease… I can’t take this life any longer.”

Mille feels deep pity for the tortured Jack.

Cinnamon looks at Jack. “We will try, I promise you we will”

Persi: It’s almost over Jack, really it is. Just look at all the lovely gems, aren’t they pretty?

The ranger looks onward but glances to the east to try to see Poe and Zip.

Cinnamon looks at the ranger and Dragon…. “Will he be safe within the circle?” She worries for Zipporah as she hasn’t come back, but hopes she’ll be unharmed.

Persi: “Which one is your favorite, Jack? I bet that you can make some pretty items with all of them. Just think of what you can do Jack.”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Yes, in fact I will cast a secondary spell for added protection. The Gods themselves could not penetrate.”

Rayven Firebrand: “Dragon, this fine trap is of Roonwit magicks so it is for you to say.”

Cinnamon backs up away from the magical barrier.

Rayven Firebrand spies what appears to be two raven approaching fast toward the host

Mille feels the heightened energy as Dragon casts the powerful spell

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “From the light of a thousand suns… protect this creature!”

Persi: “You will be safe here Jack; nothing can penetrate this area.  Just concentrate on the pretty gems for now and have some chocolate.”

Cinnamon: “We’ll bring you some food… in Cloudbirth we have the finest cooks. We just… can’t let you out just yet…”

Cinnamon looks at the ranger… “It is done.”

Mille: I learned how to make chocolate just for you, there is more waiting for you once the spell is done.

Zipporah lands on Cinn’s shoulder.

Persi: What does a jackalope drink? Ale? Lemonade? Milk?  Wine?

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I will not try to leave. This, I swear on my honor as an Elderidge Jackalope.”

Cinnamon: “Oh we have such good ale”

Mille sees the healer’s raven has returned

Persi: Does Zip have any news?

Hopping Jack O’Lope: Ale. I would prefer ale. The stronger, the better. If you won’t kill me, at least I can be too drunk to care about being alive.

Cinnamon directs herself to the taurs: “Fellow Centaurians, let’s provide for Jack as he’s our guest for now. Do not let him pass any hunger or thirst. And Roonwits, please join your magic and sort the stone out as soon as possible!”

Persi giggles at Jack. Well strong ale we can do.

Cinnamon leans her ear close to Zipporah and widens her eyes. “Taurs… You… won’t believe this…”


Mille: “Oh my, what is it?”

Rayven Firebrand: “What is that you say? The crow is no crow?

Cinnamon: “No crow at all! Apparently some changeling… another dark fae”

Rayven Firebrand: “A CHANGELING?”

Cinnamon: “As you heard… Apparently the Roonwit magic weakened his shapeshifting powers.”

Persi: “Oh yes, that would be a dark fae”

Rayven Firebrand: “Now I know why your trap didn’t hold him, Dragon.”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Well, that does explain a few things”

Cinnamon: “At least Jack is for now free of that nasty crow”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn leans down to pet Juno, “Easy girl, the crows are in good standing, they have returned safely”

Cinnamon: “Well done, Roonies!”



Persi: “Yes that ‘crow’ was vulgar; not at all as pretty as a real crown can be”

Cinnamon: “Vulgar it was, I tell you that! and rude.”

Rayven Firebrand looks at the healer fervently… “Do you not know what this means? Sharp Claw will bring the dark fae for Jack! We have to do something quickly!”

Cinnamon: “Roonies! Work your magic as soon as possible! That stone is our only hope…”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “It will be done!”



Cinnamon: “As long as this trap is set, the dark fae can’t touch him… but we have to break the curse soon”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: “I told you they will come. Will you kill me now?”

Persi: “Would a cauldron help in any way?”

Hopping Jack O’Lope: If I am dead, there is no need for assault. You would all be safe. Kill me.

Persi: Now Jack, just think of the strong ale you’ll be drinking soon. Some good food will help fatten you up.

Brytestar: “It is worth it to try, Jack… If the curse is never broken we’re still in danger. Every place you go is. But without it, you could just be… you”

Cinnamon nods at Bryte… “We WILL keep you safe. You have my word”

Persi: “The curse can and will be broken”

Mille looks closely at Jack… sees the light in one eye… wonders what happened to to poor fellow

Cinnamon: “Ranger? Will it be a good idea to have someone on watch, meanwhile Jack is here?

Rayven Firebrand: “Aye”

Cinnamon nods.

Persi: “We could set our ravens out to the trees also;  and Tek that silly gull might perch near the pool”

Cinnamon nods at Persi. “That’s a good idea”

Mille closes her eyes and sends more energy into the field.

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “I could have Juno stay and stand guard?”

Mille: “My Shish is still a baby dragon, but he is ready to assist”

Cinnamon: “Zip… you know what to do”

Rayven Firebrand: “A rotating shift of a swift footed taur is good. I doubt Jack will even try to escape, I am more worried about the dark fae trying to break him out”

Persi: “Ranger, would Juno be able to settle somewhere also to help with the watch?”

Brytestar: “I do not mind staying nearby either…”

Cinnamon: “That’s up to Juno…” She smiles at her.

Persi: “Yes, we need taurs to feel energy coming into the area”

Cinnamon: nods… we will  take turns.. keep both eyes open, guard all Centauria’s borders

Juno sits, ready to stand and protect.

Persi: “We can set up a surrounding energy spell around Centauria which would also alarm us if any being approached.”

Mille: “I can also call on the bees, they can watch and send word if any dark fae approaches, and they will attack if I give the command”

Persi: “Oh yes Mille, very good idea”

Cinnamon: “Yes, Persi, and Mille… Please do what you can. I shall make a report and send it to Queen Julala”

Rayven Firebrand: “That would be wise, Cinn. Keep her appraised and put a call out for watchers”.

Mille: “Jackalope… thank you for trusting us, we will not fail you”

Cinnamon: “Will do, ranger”

Rayven Firebrand: “Particularly to the east.”

Cinnamon looks over the Sea of Beckoning and nods.

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “Roonwits! We will gather soon after I return. I must go collect my notes, books, and supplies for this task we have ahead of us!”

Rayven Firebrand: “Sharp Claw fled to the east. If an assault is coming, I am guessing it will be from the east.”

Cinnamon: “I must away, taurs… I’ll run some errands and will bring food for you, Jack.”

Mille: “I must head back to the vardo and alert the bees as to their task, send word when we are ready to gather again. Well done fellow taurs”

Persi: “Yes quite possibly;  most posts should be done facing that direction.”

Cinnamon: “Keep each other safe… and Roonwits… Thank you!!”

DragonWolf of Voidthorn: “For Centauria, for Jack!”

Persi: “I shall place auras around that will pulse if energy is sensed”

Mille: “Safe paths… stay strong Jack. For Centauria, for Jack!”


Cinnamon: “Cloudbirth! Cloudbirth! Cloudbirth!”


Rayven Firebrand: !!!GLENSTORM!!! !!!GLENSTORM!!! !!!GLENSTORM!!!

Mille bows to the others and heads home

Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest… “Until next we meet.”



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