Hopping Jack awaits…

Somewhere in the outskirts of Centauria

”The sunrise draws close, Sharp Claw. Ostara is here. The time has come for me to go on the hunt”. Says Jack gathering his gear in preparation for the day.

“Hold, coney. I flew close to the pony’s little gathering just a few days ago and listened to the words of their queen. I have the feeling that they are preparing an offering like the kind that only Blackspire lays out. Maybe your actions during the last Samhain might have worked to our benefit. In other words you got lucky you fool jackalope, so don’t take my words as any type of compliment,” states Sharp Claw as he stops Jack.

“I would never presume that you are even capable of giving a compliment, but if you think that is the direction the Centaurians are going, then I shall wait,” replies Jack with the faintest hint of disappointment as his secret hopes of being captured come to a screeching halt.

Sharp Claw gives Jack a suspicious look as he says: “Let us give the ponies time to set out a proper offering. And if it is lacking, we’ll take more by the muzzle of your flintlock. You will make up for the disappointing haul to our glorious and merciful queen. Granted if I were in charge, your head would adorn my hall for your Samhain disaster. Be glad that I am not, coney.”

“Aye,” replies Jack with a nearly unperceivable sigh.

Jack waits and watches.


In Centauria… DragonWolf, leader of Roonwit, sends a message to the taurs.

“Attention Roonwit’s! I need your help! We need your help! Something is stirring at Centauria! Old Hopping Jack is back! and we must combine our efforts to solve this mystery!”


Somewhere in the outskirts of Centauria

Sharp Claw flies toward Jack in what appears to be a good mood. “I was right, coney. The ponies are preparing a Blackspire offering for us. We no longer have to risk a run in with their ranger and being captured.” Sharp Claw caws jubilantly but Jack is trying to hide a heart broken expression on his face. A fact that Sharp Claw catches, but misinterprets. “In and out with no hassle. Does this not make you happy, you ungrateful coney? I know, you are disappointed that you can’t brandish your shiny flintlock, but at least you can pay back your foolish mistake to the queen. A mistake that I still feel she should have ended your foolhardy life, but that matters not at the present.”

“You’re right. I was looking forward to brandishing my flintlock,” Jack replies as he realizes his error and better guards his expression. “Now we wait as Centauria becomes the next Blackspire.”

Jack awaits with a heavy heart as his hopes become further and further out of reach


In Centauria, the Queen makes review of the advances in Hopping Jack’s offering.

“98….99…100….101….102….103!” The Queen’s face beamed as she saw how busy the community had been in collecting goodies for the “Offering” for Hopping Jack. “Right, Ronald?? Grizzle?? Come! We must load these up into the carts and take them to Dragonwolf.” The two grumbling Goblins bring the two carts as they jostle and push each other like a couple of teenagers. “Quick, quick you two….we don’t have time for your silliness….important matters are at foot!”


A new message for the taurs, from DragonWolf:

“Attention Roonwits!! The time has come! Hopping Jack has been spotted once again and our “Offering” has been placed! I need the help of other Roonwits to cast upon him! The plan is to be set on Thursday the 14th 4:00PM SLT! Please send me a message via owl, crow, or other means for more details! Other’s are more then welcome to be there as well!”


Somewhere in the outskirts of Centauria

“Pay attention you fool coney. I have been watching the ponies all this time, A plentiful bounty they have laid out for us. And I also hear that they will be presenting it directly to us,” says Sharp Claw to Jack in what can be easily construed as a happy tone.

Jack gives Sharp Claw a curious look before replying, “Do you mean to say that the Centaurians will be presenting it to us?”

Sharp Claw pecks at Jack’s head annoyingly then says, “Is there something wrong with those long ridiculous ears of yours, you half witted coney? Must I repeat myself, yes they are presenting the offering to us! What could the queen have ever seen in a nitwit like you I will never know.” Sharp Claw caws in annoyance before commenting, “The ponies must recognize our, well my superiority. Good that they accept this now. It will serve them well enough in the future.”

“When do we go to claim our prize?” asks Jack.

“OUR prize? After your foolhardy showing at Samhain, you dare use the word OUR? You should present every sparkly, shiny object in that hoard to the queen alongside the candy as a form of apology for your stupidity six moons ago,” scoffs Sharp Claw. “Our prize. The nerve of that stupid coney,” he then mumbles to himself.

Jack catches himself before replying with a sharp retort of his own and simply lowers his head and utters a single word. “Tomorrow.”

The time has come.

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