Where do I get centaurian coin?

When you first join the AOC RP you can attend a setup class with our teacher who will give you a starting balance of coin. The starting balance is 10 centaurian obols, 5 centaurian drachma and 1 centaurian chiron.

After that you could obtain centaurian coin in a number of ways:

  • There are some Obols laying around Centauria that were dropped by goblins.
  • You can now exchange xp for Obols – but take care with this – you need xp to progress up the levels – now you decide obols are more important – but just be aware that you’ll lose xp by exchanging for obols.  The xp/obol exchange is in the Centauria Treasury/bank in the bottom of the member halls.
  • You might trade something you have in your pouch for centaurian coin with another user You might obtain the “selling scripts” from Unity and set up a market stall on market day to sell some of the things you’ve acquired or made.
  • You might apply for a “working role” which attracts a weekly stipend of coin from the sim.
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