Bard Circle 13/09/21 ((OOC))

Another fun day at Bard Circle – we had a run through of our upcoming perfomance for the Horse Show and then we did a round of improv.

Suggested themes:

Small pots of jam << Chosen theme
Green glowing things
pickled peppers olives and pickles
Smelly feet
Kitty paws

Sticky hands, sticky lands
By Jezebelle Queen

In a tiny house in a sticky land
There lives a tiny, sticky man
And always in his sticky hand
Is a tiny, sticky, pot of jam

He picnics daily, to and fro
And everywhere that he does go
His sandwiches, they overflow
And o’er the land, his jam he sows

And from the sticky piles that plop
Up from the earth, upon each spot
Come trees and bushes, a fruity crop
That the tiny man puts back in pots

And so it goes, forever and on
The stickiness never shall be gone
For every day from dusk to dawn
The little man picnics on his lawn

Julala Demina:

A sorry tale this is I won’t lie
the saddest tale…..I’ll tell you why

The broken hearted Evylin…..
Her man he did leave her

She cried and cried as she faced each new day
When she woke in the morning…she cried
When she cooked her breakfast…she cried
When she did the laundry……..yes she cried
and when she picked her strawberries for making condiments……she cried

But Evylin…her sadness turned to anger
she began to rage over what he had done to her

so one dark night she tiptoed into his house
and crept up to his bed like a quiet mouse

until he was no more…not even a bit of life

then she chopped up the body of her man
and next day, her strawberries and his parts in hand
she made him…..
….into little pots of JAM!

Small pots of jam
By Opaline Pearl

Oh small pot of jam
so shiney and new
I ate to much
On toast or bagel
now it sticks to my fingers
like glue.

Julala Demina:

There was a woman who looked out of her kitchen window and thought to herself
that her garden looked…a little bare….
She went to the garden centre and asked for advice about what she could do to make her garden flourish
The man at the garden centre gave her a little pot of hamster jam
“Hamster Jam” she asked surprised?
“Aye” he replied….put it in your garden and watch what happens…..
So she did just that and next day to her surprise!
There were daffodils where she had put the hamster jam!
Excited the called the guy at the garden centre “Daffodils grew where I put the hamster jam!!!”
“That’s strange” he replied “….we usually get tulips from Hamsterjam!”


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