Mae – The Pie Lady

As a young centaur, Mae loved nothing more than to stand with her Granny Mae (for whom she was named) in the kitchen, watching her bake, and eventually learning the trade herself.  Sadly, when she was but an adolescent, Mae came home from her tutoring to find her mother crying. Granny Mae, mother told her, was gone to the ancestors. 

Young Mae was devastated by the loss of her granddam. Still, she had Granny Mae’s cookbook, a heavy leather and parchment tome passed down from granddam to grandfilly for generations. Granny had never told Mae why it skipped generations, but it always did, and now it was Mae’s turn to be the keeper of the cookbook. The great book had been added to by every generation to keep it, the cover carefully taken apart and re-glued as needed. The pages were stained from years and years, decades and decades of use. 

Many years passed, and Mae continued to grow her skills in the kitchen, learning from the same pages her Granny had learned her art from.

Then one day, while Mae was carting goods to market, she was attacked by a band of two-leggers. It was during this attack that Mae met her mate, Eoin. He’d appeared from the forest mid-attack and together they’d fought off the band of ne’er-do-wells.

Afterward, Eoin had escorted Mae the rest of the way to the market, and then home. He’d been behind her and beside her from that day to this, though he rarely spoke to anyone else, often lost in his own thoughts and conversations with the spirits.

Mae and Eoin were officially mated within a year of meeting, and together they set off to make a home of their own. It was in these travels that they found Centauria. They’d discussed the journey with their family before coming, and once they’d found the right place the fun truly began. Mae sent a short note to her family via raven, letting them know that they’d found a good place with warm, welcoming Taurs of all shapes, sizes, colours, and types. Eoin helped Mae set up her gardens and kitchens, and then began the return journey to the land of Mae’s birth to help get the family packed and moved.

In the meantime, Mae would remain behind, putting down roots (both literally and figuratively), building relationships, and her reputation within House Glenstorm, and the rest of Centauria, as The Pie Lady.

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