When Azulla was a small centaur her mother decided that she needed to go through life with a clear head unlike most centaur kids within their herd. Azulla Grew up stealing small things around the valley she was born in. Although she always dreamed of going to centauria and making her mother proud of the theif she had become.

Azulla found herself catching smaller bugs and critters rather than stealing from the centaurs around her. Although as time went on Azulla moved on from small things and caught a green fae called valie. Valie convinced Azulla to steal more and work on how quiet she could be. Valie would turn out to be a mayjor part of Azullas theif path.

Valie made Azulla steal from guards and from other centaurs.  Not long after they moved into tylaxis and Opalines herd of travel, Valie had Azulla stealing from the ones she looked up to.  Azulla had found herself stealing small things at the start, a few coins here and there but over time it would turn into much more than a few coins…

Along their travels to centauria Azulla had ran into a large dark stallion who was called Damian. Damian joined them on their trip making sure not to overstep his welcome. Azulla would start to follow the stallion and stay by his side as they traveled, the pair slowly became lovers…Valie did not like that at all..

Within a few months they had stopped at a few diffrent places and markets each time Valie would have Azulla steal something and put it in her saddle bag, Sometimes Azulla would try and steal jems but then she would put them back…..was it guilt? Her mother would often give her lectures on what she could and couldnt steal, although Azulla didnt really pay it much attention.

As snow fell apon the mountains Azulla found herself now being a mom to a lovely foal.  By the time they made it to centauria Azulla and Damian had a small Foal.  Her name? Well youll have to ask her about it.

As for what happend to Valie, well Tika showed her into her place.  Some say Valie lives in a cage on Azullas saddle bag unable to speak or get out.

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