Camraw trap… fail!

Miro walks through the gates of his property and turns around to close them. He sighs as he looks at his left hand where he holds the film roll that Cinn gave him. He shakes his head and wonders what’s up with the “Hopping Jack” hysteria. But also what he should expect from the pics that are on them. He’s the only one of the AOC who has the most knowledge about humans. Their lifestyle, their different cultures… their technology. He has to snort as he tries not to laugh about the mental image of one of the pictures being an uncomfortable close-up of Cinn’s face. He enters the house and walks into his bedroom, where he has his computer. He lays down in front of it and switches it on. It comes to life with a silent whirring and the screen lights up before it shows the desktop.

He starts the film converter that sits beside him on the huge table where everything sits. It starts with a silent whirring too like the PC. He waits for a while before he flips a lid open and inserts the film roll into it before closing. The converter and the pc rev up a bit before a program on the desktop opens up. At first the window of the program was just blank, but slowly the pictures on the film are getting digitized.

It’s a slow process, so he closes the window temporarily and opens the internet while he waits for the picture to be converted.

After a while, he closes the internet and reopens the window of the converter program. He wasn’t quite sure what to expect. At first glance, he thought that the pics all have Emmy in them. But quickly realized, that it’s only a feral deer. “Oh good“, he thought, “don’t wanna know what Emmy would say in that case. She’s probably gonna give me the whooping of a lifetime.” He giggles. But shakes his head and begins to scroll though the pictures. The only thing he notices at first is that the daytime changes in them. Is that the same deer?! Did it grass the whole day at the same spot?! But as soon as he reached the end of the gallery, he was greeted by a really close close-up of Cinn’s face.

That image surprised Miro as this caught him off guard. But the surprise slowly turned into heavy giggling as he tried not to laugh out loud. “Oh Cinn, I knew you would have problems. I think I should give you some tutoring“, he quietly says to himself under his laughs. But as he looks at the other pictures, his laugh faints quickly and his expression turns to a mixture of shock and surprise as he blushes very heavily. The other non-deer pictures have Cinn in them too. But in those, Cinn turned away from the camera as she seemed to pick up something from the ground. And the camera made some very clear pics of her behind. “CINN!? ARE YOU FOR…? YOU… JEEZ!!“, he thinks to himself as he scrolls up so the pics are not on screen anymore. He facepalms with both his hands as he shakes his head. “Bruh… you really need tutoring“, he whispers. “You can consider yourself to be lucky that you gave that film to me. I don’t wanna know what someone else would have done with those pics of you.” He sits there for a while to process what he saw before he turns back to the screen and scrolls back to her booty pics.

Consider this to be a favor of mine“, he says before he starts deleting said pictures. “And sadly, no pictures of your mysterious ‘Hopping Jack’.” He picks the pictures he considers the best, even though they look all the same, and starts printing them out.

After printing the selected pictures out, he deletes the rest of the pictures and closes the program. He presses a button on the converter and a long hissing sound enacts from it before the lid opens again. He takes out the film roll, closes the lid, and turns off the converter and the PC. He stands up from his spot and puts the pictures and the film roll into a pile. “I REALLY need to give her tutoring, that’s for sure“, he says before turning off the lights and going to bed.

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