Ella comes clean…..

((Taken from SL nearby chat – live para roleplay))

[14:38] Rayven Firebrand: I was too young to remember anything

[14:38] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): have you asked them to take you to see where they found you?

[14:39] Rayven Firebrand: I have been there dozens of times

[14:40] Rayven Firebrand: Trying to find out my own truth is why my parents apprenticed my to a ranger to begin with

[14:40] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Someday you will find it, Ray, I am sure

[14:41] Rayven Firebrand: This crown on my head, I was found clutching it in my hands. This is all I have of my parents… I think.

[14:41] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): O.O  what if… what if you were royalty???

[14:42] Rayven Firebrand shrugs

[14:42] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) tries not to stare

[14:42] Rayven Firebrand: If I was why didn’t my people come looking for me?

[14:43] Rayven Firebrand: Why am I alonew

[14:43] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): maybe they couldn’t

[14:43] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): maybe they don’t know you are alive.. maybe they think you died, shrugs

[14:43] Rayven Firebrand: Perhaps

[14:44] Orion (jenapher11): I would think there would be some sort of documentation somewhere in the world if there were something like that

[14:44] Rayven Firebrand: I have so many questions and no one to ask them.

[14:44] Princess Zina (zinzana): There could be but it might be gone

[14:45] Rayven Firebrand: This is no trace of my people in the whole of Centauria. I have searched

[14:45] Princess Zina (zinzana): Written scribes tend to burn well

[14:45] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) nods

[14:46] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): nod nod

[14:46] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): there’s not much in the library from before our time…

[14:46] Rayven Firebrand: Like we were erased from existence

[14:46] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): it’s true…  new nations burn the history of the old ones all the time…  or they get “lost”

[14:46] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): buried and built on top of

[14:47] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): or buried in the deep sea

[14:47] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): nods Mari

[14:47] Princess Zina (zinzana): We can try to dig any remains but it sounds pretty useless

[14:48] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): a hunt for the truth is never useless…  frustrating, absolutely,  but not useless

[14:48] Rayven Firebrand: Who ever or what never cleaned up our history did a thorough job. Somebody wanted us forgotten.

[14:49] Princess Zina (zinzana): People fear from what they don’t understand

[14:49] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): Maybe they migrated

[14:49] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): I am sure it was Vitrollia’s doing

[14:49] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): hopefully they migrated…. and didnt fall to my.. um..  yeah Her.

[14:50] Rayven Firebrand rubs his scar… “After my injury, I am inclined to agree, Cinn.”

[14:50] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): looks at Ella… O.o?

[14:50] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): shrugs.. yeah… that mage

[14:50] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) sighs…

[14:50] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I guess now is as good a time as any to mention this…

[14:50] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): I have seen ruins of cities buried under the water, treasures hidden. Maybe some type of disater took place and those that were left travel to other lands

[14:51] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Ella are you alright?

[14:51] Persi (persiphone.karu): sometimes in order to find information, you have to look at what is not there; what has been covered, torn down, scratched out.   if anything is covered up it’s for a reason… so the history is there but others tried erasing it

[14:51] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): yep, Persi

[14:51] Orion (jenapher11) lookes at ella

[14:52] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Were you saying something Ella, hun?

[14:52] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): Are you feeling well, Ella

[14:52] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) takes a deep breath… “I’m her daughter…  Vitrollia is technically…  my mother..”

[14:52] Marilina (marilina.antonioni) gasps

[14:52] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): goodness… what???

[14:52] Orion (jenapher11): hold up. what?

[14:52] Rayven Firebrand looks at Ella… “Her what?”

[14:52] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): but.. she wasn’t bad then…   she wasn’t always like that…. how you guys know her

[14:53] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): Ella you are not making any sense, what did you just said

[14:53] Persi (persiphone.karu): what does technically mean? As you have dna connection but you were mothered by someone else

[14:53] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) shakes her head…. what.. what???

[14:53] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Her name used to be Victoria…  before … whatever happened, happened.

[14:53] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) ‘s jaw dropped

[14:53] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) listens

[14:54] Rayven Firebrand rubs his scar again looking intently at Ella

[14:54] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Queen Victoria, is my mother…  Everyone calls her Vitrollia now, cuz of the darkness…

[14:54] Persi (persiphone.karu): so you say Ella, that she changed at some point from being a loving mother…..

[14:54] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) gives Ray an elbow…  >.>

[14:54] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): yes

[14:54] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): Do you know what made her change?

[14:55] Persi (persiphone.karu): looks around the circle, remembering stories that others have told.

[14:55] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Our home was invaded by outsiders…

[14:55] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): what type of outsiders?

[14:55] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): she and my father tried to get them to leave us alone… but they wouldn’t…

[14:55] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): dangerous outsiders…

[14:55] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): the hoomans that invaded the forest and tried to destroy our lands, yes… my Mother told me that story

[14:55] Persi (persiphone.karu): where did they come from?  what did they look like

[14:56] Persi (persiphone.karu): bipeds??

[14:56] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): they were destroying our home…  the homes of our villagers…

[14:56] Marilina (marilina.antonioni) hides her hoofs under her body

[14:56] Rayven Firebrand looks at Cinn…  ‘I was taught this name in school. She was the one directly responsible for the first war and suspected to be behind the second war.”

[14:56] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I think they were hoomans, but I never actually saw them.

[14:56] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): yeah, though we don’t know about the second war.. we are just assuming she’s alive as we never saw her

[14:57] Persi (persiphone.karu): possibly hoomans with cloven feet?  horns?  darkness within them

[14:57] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): Oh dear Ella, that must be terrible to hide this secret inside your heart for years especially after what took place in our land

[14:57] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): wow Ella… and tell me.. does the Queen know?

[14:57] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): of course she doesnt.. does she?

[14:57] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): i know they cut down the trees to make houses and random things for themselves

[14:58] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I…  I don’t know if she knows or not….

[14:58] Persi (persiphone.karu): Ella… how many others were in your family?

[14:58] Persi (persiphone.karu): how did you find your way here?

[14:58] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): As far as I know, there was me, mother and my father…

[14:58] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): Does you mother knows that you are here?

[14:59] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Gods, I hope she doesn’t know

[14:59] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Our kingdom is where the Roonwit forest is currently…  There used to be an emergency portal behind the waterfall that lead to the mountain

[14:59] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Vitrollia must be very far from here now, then

[14:59] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): Oh dear… I think the Ranger should investigate if that portal is still there

[15:00] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Before Moth…Vitrollia went on her rampage, she sent me thru the portal to live with Zephyrus…. and I grew up there

[15:00] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): until the darkness was gone from here…

[15:00] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): This portal does it transfer people to other places

[15:01] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): but it does not always work, does it?? Well I guess it takes a Roonwit… I have not a big magic

[15:01] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I think it only went to the mountain…  i dont think it’s still there anymore

[15:01] Rayven Firebrand nods while looking a Ella

[15:02] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): I hope not, Ranger you should look at it. I just think of Neo, he being a kid is always playing in our forests. What if he goes near that portal?

[15:02] Orion (jenapher11): I want to go with you, when you do

[15:02] Orion (jenapher11): I still… have a lot to learn about what happened here and I want to help any way I can

[15:02] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): My mother used to say that magic portals should be opened from both sides, otherwise anyone could just pass through and wouldn’t be safe

[15:03] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): I hope that is the case, just like the healer says.

[15:03] Rayven Firebrand: Do you have a blade, O

[15:03] Orion (jenapher11): I do

[15:03] Orion (jenapher11): I know how to use it, too… kind of

[15:03] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): I am sure Ray can teach you

[15:03] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): If there is still one there, it doesn’t lead to Zephyrus’ domain anymore… I do know that that one was closed.

[15:03] Rayven Firebrand: Practice

[15:03] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): nods at Ella

[15:04] Orion (jenapher11): Jez taught me how to use it.. I definitely do need more practice, though.

[15:04] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): …but no… Mari…  I don’t know what happened to make my mother change from how she was to what she is now…  I wish I did.

[15:05] Marilina (marilina.antonioni) sighs

[15:05] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): aiee… Ella… do you realize I am gonna have to inform the Queen about you being daughter of.. .. *sigh*

[15:05] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): what?  why???  noooooo

[15:05] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): I am sure she will understand

[15:05] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): she’s loving and forgiving

[15:05] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): What if she sends me away? I’m the daughter of evil

[15:06] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): but you are NOT evil

[15:06] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): Well see it this way, being her daughter maybe Ella can sense when her mother is near or she can tell the Queen things maybe the Queen does not knows about her.

[15:06] Rayven Firebrand: Because Cinn is her warden

[15:06] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): aaahhh gods  *covers face with her hands* what do I do??

[15:06] Rayven Firebrand: And I am her ranger so if Cinn doesn’t tell the Queen, I must

[15:06] Persi (persiphone.karu): Julala must know

[15:07] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) nods at Mari, “I was quite aware of it when Rayven was attacked before the battles began again here..”

[15:07] Persi (persiphone.karu): this secret must be known…

[15:07] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) nods. I have to tell her…

[15:07] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): Maybe Ella should be with you when you go and tell the Queen.

[15:07] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): …but.. i dont know if it was because of Her or not

[15:07] Persi (persiphone.karu): We in Roonwit will have to make sure the area is covered so nothing can enter

[15:07] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): We can do that

[15:08] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): we can go together and i will tell her, I am sure she will understand, Ella…

[15:08] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): And the Ranger should go also and tell the Queen about this possible existing portal

[15:08] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) pouts and nods

[15:08] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): she’s always chosen to give sanctuary to anyone after the war

[15:08] Persi (persiphone.karu): yes I agree.. Ella should be with Cinn when Julala is told, and possibly the Ranger also

[15:08] Rayven Firebrand: Agreed

[15:08] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): nod

[15:09] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): The three of us shall pay a visit to the Queen

[15:09] Persi (persiphone.karu): we need to make sure the portal is no more AND no other portal can be made unless WE do it

[15:09] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): nods

[15:09] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): hugs Ella.. you will be alright, I promise

[15:09] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): *pats her rump*

[15:09] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): In the meantime we should keep ourselves away from the waterfall at Roonwit

[15:10] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): especially Neo

[15:10] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) fights a small smile

[15:10] Persi (persiphone.karu): Julala is merciful; do not worry Ella but be brave.  just be honest

[15:10] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): yes

[15:10] Rayven Firebrand: I shall inform my mother of this

[15:10] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): nods

[15:10] Rayven Firebrand: She has taking a motherly liking to the wee bugger

[15:11] Persi (persiphone.karu): I will place a protective covering over the falls …. then when possible Roonwit can change it

[15:11] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I’ll triple check the space behind the waterfall….  I can probably figure out some charms to prevent another portal from opening there

[15:11] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): I think you should, ranger. Maybe she can help to keep Neo safe. I have heard cases where villains take hold of kids and raise them to be like them.

[15:11] Persi (persiphone.karu): that way anyone if they are close or in the pool will be safe

[15:11] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): thank you Persi.. just so everyone is more calm about it

[15:11] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): The crystals back there make it a perfect spot for magic tho…

[15:11] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): as the Queen has gone to bed, maybe we should go tell her tomorrow at first light

[15:11] Rayven Firebrand: Or try to kill them from my experience.

[15:12] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): I think you should, sounds like a good plan

[15:12] Persi (persiphone.karu): yes that is true Ella   that is why a protective net has to be applied there now

[15:12] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): maybe you can work some type of magic or potion and place it on the crystals that are in that waterfall, they can keep that area safe.

[15:13] Persi (persiphone.karu): we will check all the crystals to make sure they have no outsider spells

[15:13] Rayven Firebrand: O, do you also have a bow?

[15:13] Rayven Firebrand: One of your stature should keep out of arms reach

[15:13] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): sadly that kind of magic is not my area of expertise… I’d rather leave the tasks to you roonwits

[15:13] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) nods

[15:13] Orion (jenapher11): That’s a good idea.. I don’t really know how to shoot, though

[15:13] Persi (persiphone.karu): Until Ranger can go there, I will be at the entrance of the falls

[15:14] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): I can teach you to shoot, Orion… I am good with the bow

[15:14] Orion (jenapher11): I’d appreciate that

[15:14] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): I will inform the merfolks under the water so they stay away from those waters or water area.

[15:14] Orion (jenapher11): I’ve tried a few times, but I’m a bit shaky.

[15:14] Rayven Firebrand: Try not to teach to burn Roonwit down, eh?

[15:15] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Hey, now, ranger!

[15:15] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) sticks tongue out at Rayven

[15:15] Rayven Firebrand: You’re dangerous with an enchanted bow

[15:15] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): I can aim at your fine ass from a mile away, just so you know

[15:16] Rayven Firebrand: Yeah but you’ll be too mesmerized to shoot it

[15:16] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): oh, want to test your theory?

[15:16] Persi (persiphone.karu): I doubt anyone could burn Roonwit down  🙂   with all there that is so powerful

[15:16] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): the jackalopes there will fight you…

[15:16] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): But they can burn Cloudbirth and we can not loose our source of food.

[15:17] Rayven Firebrand: Burn Cloudbirth down and I will have no more corn to smoke for you, Mari

[15:17] Persi (persiphone.karu): yes Cloudbirth needs to be monitored; we should prepare by storing quantities of supplies just in case there is a future problem

[15:18] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): we are gonna have to start storing food for the winter anyways

[15:18] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): That is what I said Ranger, if someone tries to burn Roonwit maybe Roonwit will not be harm but Cloudbirth is next to it and all the crops, the source of food will be gone. At least the one found on land.

[15:18] Rayven Firebrand: I can hit the bull’s eye from the southern platform in Glenstorm

[15:20] Persi (persiphone.karu): starts encanting, gathering spirit energy around her

[15:20] Persi (persiphone.karu): I wonder sister, I have forgotten to ask if Julala ever made the storage units in the deep waters?

[15:21] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): not yet

[15:21] Persi (persiphone.karu): Perhaps it is something to discuss with her; large storage units there can be kept safer then any on land

[15:24] Rayven Firebrand: I have space under the hill as well

[15:24] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): what about those caves at Glenstorm? they could make a good storage site

[15:24] Rayven Firebrand: The salt mine?

[15:24] Persi (persiphone.karu): caves might be good yes; as long as  we can make sure they can’t be entered by anything

[15:25] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): no, remember those caves we found when we were mining for the invertitia amulets?

[15:25] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I agree…  those caves would probably work fine…  as long as the goblins leave it all alone

[15:25] Persi (persiphone.karu): of course we might consider any explosion which would  or could happen

[15:25] Persi (persiphone.karu): yes the amulets

[15:25] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): ahh yes… well… they only listen to the Queen

[15:26] Persi (persiphone.karu): we need to have at least three separate areas for storage. in case any of them are destroyed

[15:26] Rayven Firebrand: Speaking of, the mines of Glenstorm might not be ideal seeing that there is also gold in there which will attract wild goblins.

[15:27] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): ahhh true… *facepalms*

[15:27] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): we’ll have to figure something out, then

[15:27] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): what about in that house thing on the cliff in Glenstorm?

[15:27] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): …i cant imagine anyone lives in there.

[15:28] Rayven Firebrand: The watch tower would work. Good thinking Ella

[15:28] Persi (persiphone.karu): possibly there is one area that can be blocked .. like a dead end which has no gold ..    also it would be cool there;   or higher where gobins dont like to go

[15:28] Orion (jenapher11): The armoury cave across from the mine, right?

[15:29] Persi (persiphone.karu): watch tower is good.. but still small;    barrels would be stacked of course

[15:29] Rayven Firebrand: That depends, If there is gold, goblins will make an exception

[15:30] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): I think all this should be brought to the Queen. The healer, Ella and the Ranger should meet as soon as they can with her. Tell her about the findings and bring to her all our ideas. We will wait for the Queen’s command on what she would like all of us to do to get ready for whatever possible disaster that will come around.

[15:30] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) nods….

[15:30] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) nods

[15:30] Persi (persiphone.karu): yes;  and all thoughts of planning and storage can be brought before her

[15:30] Rayven Firebrand: Agreed

[15:30] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): if you guys agree.. we shall pay her a visit tomorrow…. first thing in the morning

[15:30] Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest

[15:31] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): before coffee.., Ray

[15:31] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): lol

[15:31] Persi (persiphone.karu): there are several areas where small amounts of goods can also be stored without being seen

[15:31] Rayven Firebrand: Life does not exist before coffee

[15:31] Princess Zina (zinzana): Can he even move before coffee?

[15:31] Persi (persiphone.karu): yes tomorrow Cinn as early as possible

[15:31] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): I am sure she will ask a Glen to blow the horn and call us into a meeting to let everyone knows of what is happening or what she would like us to do.

[15:31] Persi (persiphone.karu): does his eyes open before coffee?

[15:31] Persi (persiphone.karu): oh but who makes his coffee

[15:33] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): time for me to go rest, it’s been a long day today… You all take care… thanks you all for being around

[15:33] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): In the meantime, I will not say anything. I don’t want to spread wrong rumors. I will make sure my house is safe.

[15:33] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): good thinking Mari… better be prudent about it

[15:33] Marilina (marilina.antonioni): nods

[15:33] Persi (persiphone.karu): bye Cinn have a good night

[15:33] Rayven Firebrand: Ummm, O? You’re gonna need more that two arrows. Or are you boasting how good of a shot you are?

[15:33] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): have a good night all of you

[15:34] Rayven Firebrand shouts: Goodnight, Cinn

[15:34] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) shouts: night, ranger!!


[14:19] Julala Demina: Greetings my friends

[14:19] Julala Demina: you requested an audience with me

[14:20] Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest and lowers his head respectfully to the Queen… “Hail  Your Majesty!”

[14:20] Julala Demina: it sounds ….serious

[14:20] Julala Demina: perhaps we should go to my private room upstairs

[14:20] Julala Demina: come…..

The four centaurs make their way up to the Queen’s private chambers

[14:21] Julala Demina: come in loves…

[14:21] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) groans nervously

[14:21] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): clears throat

[14:21] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): uhmm…

[14:21] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): *holds Ella’s hand*…. Milady… we did… I believe miss Ella needs to reveal something to Your Majesty…

[14:21] Julala Demina: oh….

[14:21] Julala Demina listens

[14:21] Julala Demina smiles

[14:22] Julala Demina: you look so worried

[14:22] Julala Demina: Whatever can be so bad?

[14:22] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) bites her lip nervously….

[14:22] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Hello, your Majesty…  I um…  I have something to tell you … about … myself

[14:22] Julala Demina: ok…..

[14:23] Julala Demina waits quietly with a reassuring smile

[14:23] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): *rubs Ella’s back…* you can tell… it’s okay…

[14:23] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) takes a breath while holding her hands out in front of her, she conjures up two orbs of pure water, then whispers, “It may be best to just show you.” 

The orbs slowly rotate around each other, rising higher into the air before breaking apart and forming what appear to be tiny planets that project an ethereal landscape upon the ground.  “This was my home, the kingdom of Red Rose… before what’s left of it became part of Centauria.”  Tiny trees sprout from the ground with even tinier creatures living their lives amongst them. A tiny Princess Ella stands between her mother, The Queen Victoria and her father Lord Notus – The South Wind. “This was us… my family.”

[14:24] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella)’s memory projection shifts from a gorgeous day to a tremendous thunderstorm as faceless humanoids storm the landscape, murdering trees, flowers and other plants then using their poor lifeless husks to build “homes” and “roads”. A dark cloud of death and destruction lingers above where the outsiders dwell, spreading as more and more of them arrive. Several tiny figures can be seen leaving the kingdom to meet with the outsiders but never returning. A tiny Lord Notus was one of them.  

After weeks, and no sight of anyone who left. A day came where the tiny Queen kissed her daughter’s forehead and sent her through a portal behind the waterfall which lead to a temple inside Mount Pelion. Her aunt, Lady Zephyrus stood on the other side seemingly awaiting her arrival.  Once Ella got through the portal, the tiny planets projecting her memories reform into the 2 orbs and cycle back downward to her palms.  “…So… that’s… who I really am.”

[14:24] Julala Demina watches…..present and focused on what Ella is showing her

[14:24] Julala Demina looks at the healer….and to the Ranger

[14:24] Julala Demina looks back to Ella…….

[14:24] Julala Demina raises her eyebrows

[14:25] Rayven Firebrand gives the queen a reassuring look.

[14:25] Julala Demina: Ella

[14:25] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) stares at the floor

[14:25] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): *wipes a tear off her cheek as she sees the images*

[14:25] Julala Demina: come closer

[14:26] Julala Demina: come….*pats the floor*

[14:26] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): yes ma’am

[14:26] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): go, dear… *pushes Ella forwards gently*

[14:26] Julala Demina: sit

[14:26] Julala Demina smiles at Ella

[14:26] Julala Demina: “Ella……do you remember much about the time you came here?”

[14:27] Julala Demina: after the war….

[14:27] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) thinks for a moment.. “Sort of…”

[14:27] Julala Demina: it was a time full of confusion…..for everyone

[14:28] Julala Demina: my dear…..who do you think sent you here?  Who do you think asked us to take care of you?  to care for you……keep you safe?

[14:29] Rayven Firebrand ponders to himself of what fate his people met at the time of the first war

[14:29] Julala Demina reaches over and puts a warm hand on Ella’s arm

[14:29] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) listens intently…

[14:29] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella)’s jaw falls open in shock, she stares at the Queen’s face, searching for insincerity

[14:30] Julala Demina: I know who you are……

[14:30] Julala Demina: I’ve always known

[14:30] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): but… but how?

[14:30] Julala Demina: because it was Zephyrus that sent you to us….to me

[14:31] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980)’s eyes open wide in surprise

[14:31] Julala Demina: at the end of the great war…….

[14:31] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) is visibly rattled

[14:31] Julala Demina strokes Ella’s arm in reassurance

[14:31] Julala Demina: I met with the Gods

[14:31] Julala Demina: they spoke of your Father

[14:32] Julala Demina: a well respected one amongst the Gods

[14:32] Julala Demina: they spoke of your Mother of course…..

[14:32] Julala Demina: Ella…no-one is born evil

[14:32] Julala Demina: those who become evil either learn to be that way….or are forced to be that way

[14:33] Julala Demina gestures to the healer to come closer

[14:33] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) wipes her eyes, fighting to keep from full on ugly crying in the castle

[14:33] Julala Demina: come Lil….sit beside Ella

[14:33] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): nods

[14:33] Julala Demina: Rayven….please come stand by her side

[14:34] Julala Demina: Ella…you are safe here

[14:34] Julala Demina: as are we all…as safe as we can be

[14:34] Julala Demina: I have no doubt of your heart Ella

[14:34] Julala Demina: I never have had any doubt

[14:34] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) puts an arm around Ella… as she nods to what the Queen is saying

[14:35] Julala Demina: It was important that you be ready to talk about this…..

[14:35] Julala Demina: in your own time

[14:35] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) nods

[14:35] Julala Demina: and now you have

[14:35] Julala Demina: and we don’t know what has happened to your Mother

[14:35] Julala Demina: but I…..

[14:35] Julala Demina: I have NO DOUBT……

[14:35] Julala Demina: in you

[14:36] Julala Demina: and if your Mother returns….we will face her together

[14:36] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): May i ask a question?

[14:36] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): well..  two

[14:36] Julala Demina: of course…please do

[14:36] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Is my father okay?

[14:36] Julala Demina: that I do not know Ella….I’m so sorry…..even the Gods do not know what became of your Father

[14:36] Julala Demina: but…

[14:37] Julala Demina: for them not to know….might suggest….that he is still present in some way

[14:37] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) lowers her head and nods understandingly

[14:37] Julala Demina: I wish I could tell you what you want to hear…but it is not within my power to do so…..

[14:38] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I understand.

[14:38] Julala Demina: what was your second question?

[14:38] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I’m also wondering if they know why my mother became what she did…

[14:38] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): could we fix her with the invertitia too?

[14:39] Julala Demina: well…not for sure….it was talked about of course

[14:39] Julala Demina: it has been talked about for years

[14:39] Julala Demina: it could be that she herself was enchanted in some way

[14:39] Julala Demina: but….what we do know…

[14:40] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): She is powerful.. but we haven’t seen her in years… it is hard to tell… We haven’t heard anything about her directly….

[14:40] Julala Demina: is that she loved your Father beyond measure

[14:40] Julala Demina: and when she believed he was not going to return

[14:40] Julala Demina: it has been suggested that her grief…..overwhelmed her

[14:41] Julala Demina: you know….for anyone anger is part of grief

[14:41] Julala Demina: and when grief is immense…..and the pain too great

[14:41] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) nods

[14:41] Julala Demina: anger can fuel hate

[14:41] Julala Demina: Victoria became angry at the world

[14:42] Julala Demina: angry at the Gods….at man

[14:42] Julala Demina: and anger turned to rage

[14:42] Julala Demina: but one thing I know Ella

[14:42] Julala Demina: is that Rage sits right next to shame

[14:42] Julala Demina: so perhaps….what we should be asking

[14:42] Julala Demina: is what she was so ashamed of

[14:43] Julala Demina: I don’t know….maybe this could offer some clues

[14:43] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): maybe

[14:43] Julala Demina: what I do want you to know though Ella…..

[14:43] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): …I really miss them…

[14:43] Julala Demina: is that the bond between a daughter and her mother is unique

[14:44] Julala Demina: I know you do

[14:44] Julala Demina: it hurts….

[14:44] Julala Demina: loss hurts

[14:44] Julala Demina: …it’s meant to

[14:44] Rayven Firebrand seethes at the thought of what such rage cost his people, but holds himself together… “The sins of the mother are not the burden of the child.” *whispers to himself*

[14:44] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): raises a hand slowly… “Milady…?”

[14:45] Julala Demina: yes Lil

[14:45] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): the other day, when Ella shared with us…. she talked about a… passage, secret passage behind the waterfall….. *looks at Rayven and then at Ella*

[14:46] Julala Demina: tell me more Ella

[14:46] Julala Demina: of this passage

[14:46] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): the merfolk were worried about that passage being still open as we don’t know if it’s definitely sealed. but… um… *looks at the ranger…*

[14:47] Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest

[14:47] Rayven Firebrand: If I could, your majesty

[14:47] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Before, when my parents were first establishing the kingdom, Father opened a portal in the cave behind the waterfall, that lead directly to Lady Zephyrus’ temple.  It was in case of emergencies only..

[14:48] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): That was the portal that Mother sent me through when she left…

[14:49] Julala Demina: hmmm…I did not know that…..there has always been magical elements behind the waterfall….in fact for years it was a secret place of magic used by the Roonwits

[14:49] Julala Demina: that might explain some of it’s powerful charm down there

[14:47] Julala Demina looks up at the Ranger

[14:49] Julala Demina: did you want to speak Ranger?

[14:49] Rayven Firebrand: I have searched that cave and have found no trace of the portal within. However it is still teaming with magic. One thing does concern me though us the ease of access to it.

[14:50] Rayven Firebrand: I fear that one of our foals may wander inside and injure themselves or worse.

[14:50] Julala Demina: Well, few knew of it for years…but perhaps it should be monitored at least….did you have a suggestion?

[14:50] Julala Demina: perhaps a barrier of some kind?

[14:51] Julala Demina: although my experience of barriers and foals….is that they seem to attract them looking for trouble

[14:51] Rayven Firebrand: I suggest a type of magical seal be placed to make it difficult to enter unless needed.

[14:51] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) pouts

[14:51] Julala Demina: hmm…yes…that could be possible

[14:51] Julala Demina: are you ok Ella?

[14:52] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): yes…  it’s just that…  that cave and the crystal encased rose are all I have left….

[14:52] Julala Demina nods

[14:53] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I understand if you have to seal it off… but please don’t seal it off…

[14:53] Julala Demina: I need to think on this

[14:53] Julala Demina: my thoughts….are that if the portal led to Zephyrus…then it is not a place of danger

[14:53] Julala Demina: but it does however…have great power

[14:53] Julala Demina: I wonder……

[14:54] Rayven Firebrand: Which is why I suggested a type of seal that can be opened and closed as needed

[14:54] Julala Demina: Perhaps…..

[14:54] Julala Demina: it is not a seal we need….but a guardian of the portal….. *looks at Ella*

[14:54] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): ohhh…! *smiles at Ella widely*

[14:55] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) looks at the Queen, then at Cinn, then back at the Queen…

[14:55] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): that would be nice… and you are a Roonwit, Ella!!

[14:55] Rayven Firebrand: A superb idea, your majesty.

[14:55] Julala Demina: someone who can keep young foals from getting into trouble there… someone who understands the importance of the area… and its power

[14:55] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): yes yes yes!

[14:55] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980) claps happily

[14:55] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): ohhh…  I don’t know if …. how would I even…  wait… wait… How would I guard it?

[14:56] Julala Demina: well… that is for you… and us to discover…

[14:56] Julala Demina: A guardian….doesn’t just “guard”

[14:56] Julala Demina: they care for

[14:56] Julala Demina: so maybe it is about caring for the cave behind the waterfall

[14:57] Julala Demina: and keeping it a place to be respected ….as we don’t know the full scope of the potential portal that could be there

[14:57] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) cringes briefly then shakes it off with Kumi’s speech about being brave in mind… “Okay… yes.. I will bravely accept this challenge..  I can do this.”

[14:57] Julala Demina: but what I do know Ella…is that it is important to you

[14:58] Julala Demina: and yes… I believe that you can do this

[14:58] Julala Demina smiles

[14:58] Julala Demina winks at the healer

[14:58] Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest

[14:58] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): that is amazing Ella!!! *grins widely*

[14:58] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Thank you, Your Majesty!!

[14:58] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): (-O ヮ O-)

[14:58] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): See Ella?? I told you she was a cooool Queen

[14:58] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) nods, “Yes… Thank you.”

[14:59] Julala Demina: Ella you must let me know if anything worries you there…..and also if you require any assistance

[14:59] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Okay

[14:59] Julala Demina: good….so…

[14:59] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): or help! and also.. if anyone dares to give you grief about your Mother… just tell me I’ll stick an arrow in their butts from half a mile away huh!!

[14:59] Julala Demina: well..yes….this is a small concern of mine

[15:00] Julala Demina: and one of the reasons we have not spoken freely of this matter previously

[15:00] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) giggles,  “Thank you… I’m quite sure someone will, but I’ll make sure to send them your way.”

[15:00] Julala Demina: A few people know about this already?

[15:00] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) nods

[15:01] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Not that I know, your Majesty….*looks at Rayven*

[15:01] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): you better do the same, Ranger!!

[15:01] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Miss Kumi, and Madam Pearl found a letter I wrote with the intention to burn

[15:01] Julala Demina: ok, well…let me ponder on whether anything needs to be done formally…but for the now…..keep your news between the people you trust

[15:01] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): It was a letter to my mother..

[15:01] Julala Demina: I see…..

[15:01] Julala Demina: well..you can reassure them

[15:01] Julala Demina: have they returned the letter to you?

[15:02] Rayven Firebrand: I serve at the queen’s command

[15:02] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Yes. it has been returned. and set ablaze.

[15:02] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): a few of us know… and they were good with Ella, no one said nothing bad to her… and we all reassured her how much we love her and support her

[15:02] Julala Demina nods

[15:02] Julala Demina: good

[15:02] Julala Demina: ok….Ella I hope you feel a little better about things…I know you have unanswered questions….we all do…..

[15:03] Julala Demina: we’ll work them out together….

[15:03] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) nods

[15:03] Julala Demina: and we’ll be there for you….whatever the answers deem to be

[15:03] Rayven Firebrand: As I say, the sins of the mother are not the burdens of the child.

[15:03] Julala Demina: right Rayven

[15:03] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): indeed, ranger

[15:04] Julala Demina: I should get back …..was there anything else?

[15:04] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) looks up at the ranger,  “I… thank you.”

[15:04] Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest

[15:04] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): no that I remember, your Majesty

[15:05] Julala Demina: ok, good…..then I suggest….we leave this here….

[15:05] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): thinks “secret passage, secret mother… secret photows.”… Nope. Nothing else.

[15:05] Julala Demina: we love you Ella……you are not seen as anything other than Ella here….whoever your Mother might be

[15:05] Julala Demina: wait….what secret photos?

[15:05] Rayven Firebrand: Secret photos? Not the camraw nonsense again.

[15:06] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Um… no nothing… *grimaces*

[15:06] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I love you all too.

[15:06] Julala Demina narrows her eyes at the healer…….

[15:06] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): *blushes and tucks envelope deep in her pouch*

[15:06] Julala Demina: ok…..

[15:06] Julala Demina: be well Ella

[15:06] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) smirks about the secret foe toes

[15:06] Rayven Firebrand: She is a firm believer of the Hopping Jack myth and is determined to get proof.

[15:06] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): eeek to hooman toes.. gross.

[15:07] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Thank you, your Majesty… for everything.

[15:07] Julala Demina: thank you Lil and Rayven for bringing Ella to me and keeping her company during this difficult task

[15:07] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): I will… one day  >>  *sighs*

[15:07] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): It is my honor, Your Majesty

[15:07] Rayven Firebrand: Our herd is mighty.

[15:08] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): *bows* we shall leave you to rest, Milady

[15:08] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) bows deeply

[15:08] Julala Demina ponders quietly about the mention of secret photos and makes a mental note to keep an eye on the healer……

[15:08] Julala Demina: good day to you all

[15:08] Julala Demina smiles

[15:08] Rayven Firebrand pounds his fist across his chest… “Until next we meet, Your Majesty.”

[15:08] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) smiles

[15:08] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Good night my Queen!!

[15:09] Julala Demina: Good night


[15:09] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): whew

[15:09] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): (-O ヮ O-)

[15:09] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): hehehe Seeee?? she was not that bad!!

[15:09] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): not nearly as bad as I was expecting

[15:10] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): and she knew this whole time!

[15:10] Rayven Firebrand: Our queen is ever gracious

[15:10] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): who knew? huh… I guess she’s talked to the gods and knew better hehehe

[15:11] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I need to find a guard to teach me how to guard so I can guard while I’m guarding *grins*

[15:11] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): well.. the guarding part… *pats Rayven’s back*

[15:12] Rayven Firebrand: I am no guard. I am a ranger and a guide.

[15:12] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): well you guard the forest .. somehow

[15:12] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): we need the help of a Glenstorm anyways

[15:12] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): yeah!

[15:12] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): or the goblins.. those critters guard their gold better than no one

[15:13] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): ooooo I wonder if the banker will teach me how to guard…

[15:13] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): NOBODY guards better than him…  i think he’s actually all the way crazy

[15:13] Rayven Firebrand: Yeah you don’t want to put gold in that cave,

[15:13] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): nod nods

[15:13] Rayven Firebrand: The goblins will take over completely

[15:13] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): oh my god, what a great idea!

[15:14] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): I can put a coin in the cave and then get the goblins to keep it safe!

[15:14] Rayven Firebrand: You really do not want to do that

[15:14] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): and they’ll keep all the crazies out….  but … actually that might not work because they’d keep EVERYBODY out.

[15:14] Rayven Firebrand: They will keep it safe alright. Even from you.

[15:15] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): I feel you are gonna need help with guarding the door….

[15:15] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): maybe even mentor one or two more taurs…

[15:16] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): ohhh here’s another idea…

[15:16] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): what if…. I made a bunch of invertitia and spread it around the cave?

[15:16] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): well… that would only keep us clean of the Darkness haha…. but wouldn’t stop us from staying out

[15:16] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Then if any of the baddies did show up, they’d go back to normal when they go through the waterfall

[15:17] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): well that’s true

[15:17] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): I can help you with that… I know the formula by heart now lol

[15:17] Rayven Firebrand: It keeps the darkness out

[15:17] Rayven Firebrand: But my concern is for the foals

[15:17] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): and they will be knocked out for a few hours so… it could work….

[15:17] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): an age spell?

[15:17] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): The darkness coming in… oh…  well, theres nothing in there that the foals could get hurt with

[15:18] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): unless they were running face first into the crystals

[15:18] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): or playing with the cauldron…

[15:18] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Is there any Roonwit magicks that would keep you out if you are a foal?

[15:18] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): or… make it look like a boring corner, when you are not a grown up taur??

[15:19] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): thinks*

[15:19] Rayven Firebrand: A glamor spell

[15:19] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): Not a bad idea…. we could glamour the entrance to just look like a plain wall.

[15:20] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): wait…  you’re…  Why do you know about that kinda magic, Glenstormer?

[15:20] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): that sounds good… and inside.. an Invertitia trap for the baddies!

[15:22] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) whispers, “He’s got so many secrets… first the hooman toes under his fluffs, now he’s secretly doing glamor spells.”

[15:22] Rayven Firebrand: My mother is an educated Cloudbirther and I apprenticed for several years to become a ranger, I know a few things.

[15:22] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): hahah.. he’s mysterious, indeed….

[15:23] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): A Cloudbirth doesn’t usually practice a looot of spells.. but Em is well versed in many things… i wish I had more magick in me… but since I don’t.. I stick to the herbs

[15:23] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): giggles

[15:23] Rayven Firebrand: If I couldn’t identify spells to get past them I would be horrible at my job and a lousy student

[15:23] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): and small magick anyway

[15:23] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): that’s true, ranger

[15:24] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella) tilts her head to the side and nods.

[15:24] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): yeah.. I guess that is true.

[15:25] Rayven Firebrand: Hell I would have been dead years ago if I couldn’t identify a glamor

[15:26] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): maybe.. maybe not.

[15:26] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): you’ll never know if a glamor spell kept you alive… especially when you were a foal

[15:27] Rayven Firebrand: Believe me, I know.

[15:27] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): in any case… sounds like a plan, Ella!! I have a few bottles of Invertitia at home, if you need them… and we can make more if you have to….

[15:27] Rayven Firebrand: Always determine what it is and what it’s for

[15:27] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): ahh well… I need to get going… I umm… gonna check these phot…..  dinner out.. soon, yeah. That’s what I need to do! I am very hungry

[15:27] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): oh yeah..  invertitia..  thats right..

[15:28] Lil Cinnamon (leel1980): Love you both, and I see you soon!

[15:28] Eʅʅα Sιʅαʋαʂι (vodkarella): hm..  well happy … have a good… *giggles*…  see ya later!

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