From Lucian’s diary I

24th day of the second month

I have arrived in a land known as Centauria. It really is quite lovely – though very flat, compared to home. From what I have seen so far, it seems populated by a quite diverse and dare I say, welcoming people.

I braved the market (hiding behind a book so that people should not approach me and I was not just… standing awkwardly). The plan was slightly scuppered by a centauride to approached to welcome me (she was very nice though I am one hundred per cent certain she thought I was also a centauride to begin with. She’s not the first – won’t be the last. Is it my hair? It’s probably my hair…).

The market itself was fair bustling with stalls and shoppers – including a slightly ill tempered caecalia (not sure she really is ill tempered – others were very kind to her so suspect it might be a shield in the same way my books are and she’s actually very nice). Also a very tiny little canitaur who was most certainly peeping at me from behind the fountain (might be the wings in that instance – didn’t see any other winged folk).

Sadly I was too… shy? awkward? to actually browse, though the smell of some of the food (believe it was called ‘peetsa’ or similar – shall look it up), desserts (looked delicious, must try) and various lotions and potions was really a heady mix.

Could have done without fish smell though. Probably should not have stood so close to that stall but felt awkward moving away from it.

Note – should find out who the young lady who welcomed me is. Unforgivably rude that I didn’t ask her name as well as offering my own, but I was quite caught off guard.

Mother would give me that LOOK.

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